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I was just wondering, whats a better motor? I'm not too sure on this one...a Honda CRX motor, or a Integra Type-R motor?!?!?!

posted by  yoko120

ITR motor by far...but it is more expensive

ITR motor is good NA wise...a GSR motor is good NA or FI wise...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

darn motor cost 4000k alone ,, if u can get a good turbo and install it for half the price and make the same amount of power as the gsr thats if u want to save a little cash. thats my recomendation. Ive done my homework i got a 99 civic ex i'm throwing a turbo on and it should be maken 230 hp without messing with the internals. yay ,,,,,,,,,gl with that

posted by  skillzilla

Remember, the ITR engine was built specifically as a homologated road race engine, and as such was handbuilt to tolerances that regular production engines rarely are, and made with parts specific to the engine, so that it woudn't have to be rebuilt to go racing. So of course it's going to be more expensive, even with out being much more powerful. That's the case with the whole car, in fact.

It would take $20k on top of the cost of the car to duplicate the ITR from a GSR if you took it to a pro racing shop to ready the car for endurance road racing. For just a street car with a bit more punch, it's cheaper to do as you suggest, but it won't last as long.

posted by  ChrisV

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