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Hi, I wanted to know if it is safe to install a K&N filter straight to the throttle body with out the intake pipe??? Is the intake pipe necessary??? Just trying to get a good throttle response with the most air and less restriction...
Thanks for the help.


posted by  atespeedshop

It's safe, but it won't change your throttle response unless the stock system was REALLY restrictive. And the possibility exists that the new location will pick up too much warm underhood air, reducing power.

BTW, you might want to remove the advertisement from your postings...

posted by  ChrisV

..but it make it sound real cool, which has to be worth 20 or so ponies.

posted by  Wally

Kind of like the guys who vent their air through the BOV AFTER its metered. They love that sound and they'll sacrafice the possibility of misfire or a rough running ening to hear it. PSSSSHHHHH!!!

posted by  DSMer

MAF metering is probably not the best method of air measurement for a turbo anyway, although I'm aware there are those who prefer it over MAP. I would assume on this occassion atespeedshop has a management system that measures plenum pressure or else it's going to get a bit hairy without the intake tube.

I would also expect atespeedshop will notice a slight increase in fuel consumption and an ever so slight loss of torque in the low end, offset by slightly higher revving ability.

posted by  Wally

The setups I've seen have all had the MAF between the air filter and the turbo and the BOV has to be between the turbo and the plenum for obvious reasons. Are there setups where the BOV is in front of the MAF i.e., the MAF sitting between the BOV and the plenum?

A few of the guys in the club have cars with BOVs venting to atmo and I've not heard them misfire. I am aware if the BOV is not plumbed correctly on a Skyline, you'll end up with stalling problems. What would cause the misfire?

posted by  Who?

The cause is probably putting the damned thing in (and without a check valve in series) and secondly running a MAF and thirdly not putting in a decent ECU :mrgreen: Do I hear airflow/TB/idle speed conflict error codes Mr Hunt?

posted by  Wally

depending on your car you can almost find a CAI for the price of a K and N mind you thats only on very commen cars

posted by  8G Galant

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