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Today my check engine light came on. I have a 2001 camry 4 cyl engine auto tranny. I run the code reader and i get code
P0420. code P0420 means Catalyst system Efficiency below Threshold (bank 1). what exactly does this means. also i live in the noetheast we just got hit with heavy snow. could all the slush being kick up into the car cause this problem? thank you for any help.

posted by  bigrick7

The answer to your question is simple. You didn't say how many miles you have on the vehilce. But that doesn't matter. Change the front O2 sensor [oxygen]. They go for around $49.99--$99.00.
Don't forget to reset the "check engine" light.

posted by  Tonythemechanic

dude if you want you can go to Its the best site to learn about anything and it even has stuff on the catalystc system

posted by  Private Donkey

If you ever have that code come up after youve replaced both o2 sensors dont go around replacing the converter because emissions warranty will cover that usually 8 years 80k miles

posted by  High Impedance

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