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Would it be cheaper to go buy a turbo kit for my fwd esi or to go buy a used awd tsi turbo and convert my esi to a awd and have a turbo?

posted by  DSMDriver

awd tsi turbo :mrgreen:

posted by  slvracurarsx03

to get a turbo for your FWD... second cheapest to buy an AWD car... third cheapest to convert your FWD to AWD.

posted by  Flame Roller

DSMer would be the man to go to.

posted by  Ki2AY

I found a AWD TSI for 3k but it has 170k miles on it. Think I should get it? My Esi has 117k miles on it.

posted by  DSMDriver

What the hell? Whay does converting his car to AWD or buying an AWD car have anything to do with his current situation? What relevancy do they even have to do with a turbo? Ahh, nvm. If you don't have anything inteligible to say plaese refrain from opening your mouth.

DSMdriver, you probably have a 4G63. Generally most people don't bother putting a turbo on those engines as they are not really made to handle the higher boost as the 4G63T's can. If you were looking for a long term solution of getting some good power out of your car a turbo engine swap would be right up your ally. Sure you can bolt the entire turbo setup from and turbo DSM(does'nt have to be AWD), but I'm not going to garauntee your engine will hold up to the pressure.

posted by  DSMer

the talon ESi actually isnt a 4G63 engine at all, its a Chrysler motor (420A is the engine code) same engine used in the older neons. cant hold boost at all, 6-8psi is max. unlike the 4G63 engine which is actually made by mitsubishi, which can handle around 450whp on stock internaled engine, the neon engine you have has really no hope of being fast. also, you cannot swap a turbo 4G63 engine into a 420A car (eclipse RS/GS) only into the newer spyders, since the spyders come with a spinoff 4G64 engine (a nonturbo 4G63 with 2.4L displacement not 2.0L) if you want to go fast in a DSM your only option is to completely build your neon engine or buy a factory turbocharged DSM (GST/TSi or GSX/TSi AWD).

posted by  HOOKSH

Bahh, just about any engine can be fitted into any car regardless of size. Yes a 420A chassis will support the 4G63, there isnt much difference in the enginebay apart from the motor mounts and bay area. Wich can all be changed to fit the 4G63T within a reasonable price range.

posted by  DSMer

My engine is a first gen so isn't it made by mistubishi?

posted by  DSMDriver

No your engine is a 420A its made by Chrysler. Unless you have a Mitsubishi engine, wich it will clearly say on the valve cover..

posted by  DSMer

Yeah Its a mitsubishi motor.

posted by  DSMDriver

actually, u can go to hahnracecraft.com, they turbo the 420a fairly well.....my system hasnt given me any problem

posted by  ClErMoNT2g

go for a awd tsi.. cuz hansracecraft has the best set-up.. but it will cost u a buck... ive seen 96 awd tsi talons go for around 2500 if ur lucky... i prefer the 95 tho

posted by  4g63

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