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I have an that's right you guessed it an 86 honda accord carborated car. I need more power. I am tired of getting my ass handed to me off the line from a friend of mine with a civic. Any ideas about how I can boost my horse power and torque?

posted by  spencedawg

Wouldn't be worth it in that car... Get an american car, a mans car :thumbs:

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Not worth fixing up. Engine swaps into this generation Accord are difficult to do. Focus on sound and get a new car if you really want mroe speed.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yes, because a 130hp 2.8L V6 Grand Prix is very manly. Just as much as my stock 1990 Accord which makes the same hp with only 2.2L of displacement and four cylinders :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

go to . and check out these pics. auto to 5-speed swap and carb to efi turbo upgrade next. :laughing:

posted by  ol_skool87

Two completely different motors, why would you even bring that up? That's a 16V motor. Put 24V heads on the 2.8 somehow, not to mention OHC's and you'd be able to get about 40hp out of it.

You wanna talk '90 4V/cylinder cars? 90 GTP made 215hp from the 3.4. And at least most american cars don't sound like bikes, I don't think the owners realize how ratty that sounds, I like the rumble of a nice american V-8, and even the SRT-4 sounds good and it's an I4. American cars have less problems and they're cheaper to repair/easier to repair (Ford's an exception to all of the above..).

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

yeah i give props to old muscle cars even though with my honda people with cars on the web i go to have got 300+hp on an old A20A block running in the the high 10s low 11s. iv'e seen so many imports outrace an american car any day (of course with upgades) ....well the srt... well's an srt that's all i'll say to that and give dodge there props. but civics have smoked them too. ... i'm not bashing if it seems that way but imports and muscle cars are 2 totally different animals but when i go to a car show when you see most muscle cars there just jaw droppers to see. i just love seeing them all.

posted by  ol_skool87

Still a POS. Hey man, you are better off spending the money on a new car. :2cents:

posted by  Voda48

And i've seen plenty of American cars beat modified imports. It can work both ways, imports to me is simply a preference.

posted by  ThirdeYe

OH!!! i'm not saying i havent seen and import get beatjust stating that there's is a balanced mediun on what is better and it just depends on the feelings. as far as me spending money on my car. i look at it like this i'm doing a mod that is rare to this car and doing it with a A20A1 motor and can take up to 400hp. I get more props for the custom mods on my car than if i would have a new car. I'm doing the same thing with my 87 accord that i would do with a newer car. no difference.

posted by  ol_skool87

Come on a proper old school car will easily beat any new car in a drag!!!! :smoke:

posted by  CobraAc

Damn rights.

Why are you people comparing modified imports to stock american cars? Why not compare them both with a turbo or supercharger. Mod up a new 5.0L mustang (or an old 88-93 H.O.) to the equivalent you mod an import, and you'll wallop any opposing street car. Superchargers for H.O.'s go for about $1500, combined with some other trinkity parts such as new air intake and fuel pump, you're getting another 80hp easy.

Or compare stock to stock, any american V6 (since the average american car is a V6) car will wallop a 120hp I4(average import is an I4). American companies (especially chrysler) focus more on power trains, as for jap companies, they focus on gaying.. err.. prettying the car up. :roll:

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

There's more to a car than just an engine. You need to look at your drivetrain and suspension too.

I'm sure a dedicated Honda site would contain your answers. I don't know about yours, but Honda engines are generally very well engineered so you don't have the luxury of making significant improvements like you would with less refined lumps (eg clevelands/windsors/buicks/etc). The Japs are very good at getting reliable power through precision engineering (speaking in auto terms).

Your friend might always out wrangle you because he simply has a better car/engine combo and perhaps as the other members have advised a new engine or vehicle is required if your heart is set on beating someone to point B. Personally I don't understand this, but I derive pleasure from getting more out of an engine, not whether it will power the space shuttle into orbit quicker than fiat bambino.

The laws of diminishing returns will be your primary constraint so if you work on a basic equation that power = fuel + air you might be able to figure where to extract a few extra ponies. Forget about ever nefarious engine torque thing, its meaningless if you have the correct number of gears and associated ratios; its the motive power you are after so you need power where it counts to serve your purpose. Because very few of us have a development team at our disposal your primary aim is to get the power up so you can get to higher revs faster.

So you can do all the normal stuff like better extractors, bigger exhaust pipe, etc, but they really won't yield that much, although it will sound beastie. You really need to make it breathe and fuel better via the head first, then design your exhaust and intakes accordingly. Having said that, the quickest way to gain significant power is too throw a small turbocharger on with a push/pull dizzy, sealed carby, better fuel pump with fueling ancilliaries, maybe a copper head gasket/spacer and run it at 7 psi or so.

If you are not up to getting wholesale headwork done at least think about a slightly more aggressive camshaft arrangement, possibly with stronger springs, shaving the head for higher compression, lightening the rim (where the energy is stored) on your flywheel, balanced equal length exhaust runners, larger better flowing cat box, getting rid of any PAIR valves, rejetting your carby, knocking out unnecessary VTVs in your vacuum lines and recurving your dizzy. If its a DOHC look at getting adjustable cam sprockets so you can adjust valve timing.

Simple things like running Redline or equal in your gearbox, stiffer engine mounts, better coils and shocks, etc can make all the difference.

Join a Honda forum and ask the ones who actually get their hands dirty regularly what to do.

posted by  Wally

uhhhh.......some of the honda motors stock can out do amarican motors like the gsr motor. like i said before it can go both ways. if you want to really be truthful on real j- spec engines the engines that are over in japan don't have govenors and run off of pretty much jet fuel and they are not allowed in the states so if you think the engines here are all they make think again. far as the guy wanting to do some stuff to his car without changing the carb get a webber32/36 but if you are in a state that has emmisions your suckin' you can but it has to be jetted the right way. if you do this you'll need a new fuel pump walbro 255lph. ..........there's much more you can get done but you'll have to go look at the web site yourself and do a search.

posted by  ol_skool87

Some Japanese engines are works of miracle, if the companies further explored them, they would overpower any domestic car.
Honda S2000 2.2L I4 Cyclinder NA producing 240hp.
Infiniti G35 VQ35DE 3.5L V6 NA producing 298hp.
Mitsubishi 4G63T 2.0L I4 Turbo producing 330hp. (Lancer Evolution FQ300)
Nissan RB26DETT 2.6L I6 Twin Turbo producing 300+hp

Keep in mind the size of these engines, if Japanese Companies went as big as Domestics, they would easily produce more horsepower.
If honda was to pursue a V8 it would easily be upwards of 350hp.

Not to bash domestics, but when a idiot like you start blasting off about stuff you do not know about. It gets me angry. Dont start the Import vs. Domestic War. There are no winners, both of which have their own downfalls and good points. No one can say one is better then the other. So you STFU, you ignorant fool, domestics are not better then imports, and imports are not better then domestics, its a personal preference.

posted by  aerith

I don't know anything about them? I work on them every day of the week. Everyday after school I go to a shop and work on that junk until 8pm. Then weekends I work the whole day. Imports are not built to american car standards, a good example of how "well" designed some import car parts are, is a VW (don't recall year or model, i think about a 03 and a jetta.. could be wrong) we did last year, needed an alt pulley (pulley had a clutch in it for some retarded reason), $400 for the pulley, $600 for the alt. So we just welded the pulley to the alt and saved the guy almost $500. You see anything like that on an American car? Imports are notorious for their coolant leaks and timing belt problems also. I bet the ratio of import to domestic we work on is 4/3, that's pretty bad when not even 1/4 of cars out there are imports.

Maybe you shouldn't be blasting off at someone who has more experience than you in the auto repair buisness.

Once you go Mopar (Or GM [ Ford's an american import ]) you never go back.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Go to school? How old are you? You see, when i mention imports i mean the Japanese crowd. And of course the imports are more expensive to fix, because their parts are not manufactured in North America. If you lived in Japan, then the parts there would be just as cheap as Domestic parts here. But you see the difference? In Japan; Ford, GM, or Diamler Chrysler doesnt even hold 2% of the market share there, because people know that cars from the states have inferior build quality. But here in North America, even people who are American would rather drive Imports. Sure, the parts for imports are more expensive, but what is the ratio of a honda or toyota breaking down compared to a Ford or GM car? And how much money do you save on fuel? In the Accord V6H, yeah its a V6 and it saves more gas then an American Inline 4.

posted by  aerith

vw....there to heavy yeeah they have some power and there mostly great cuz they have good handling for touring BUT there there no j-spec there considered euro cars....before you run off at the mouth do some homework besides your after school mech job.

posted by  ol_skool87

It was a joke...

And did I just see you type American cars have less problems? Oh, how so wrong that is.

Well if you want to talk 1990 4v/cylinder cars. The C30 from Honda made 270hp from 3.0L of displacement. I also highly doubt your 2.8L v6 would sound deep at all at higher rpms.

BTW-Just for icing on the cake. My good friend's 95 Grand Am quad four has taken several dumps (engine probably has about $3k worth of repairs in it within 2.5 years) and the interior is practically shot (the dash panel has fallen off, the metal seat belt connectors have fallen off and the seats are about as comfortable as a $19.99 'leather' executive chair)...and it only has 94k miles on it. Guess what, in 4 months it's being sold for a new Mustang :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Stock to stock American V6's to Japanese V6 family cars...lets see here...

Accord - 240hp 3.0L
Camry - 210/225hp 3.0L/3.3L
Altima - 250hp 3.5L
6 - 220hp 3.0L

Averages - 230hp/233hp
Hp/Liter Average - 74hp/liter - 73hp/liter

Taurus/Five-Hundred - 200hp 3.0L
Impala - 205hp 3.8L
Stratus - 200hp 2.7L
300 - 200hp/250hp 2.7L/3.5L

Average - 201hp/214hp
Hp/Liter Average - 67hp/liter - 67hp/liter

Now, why are you comparing a V6 American car to a Japanese I4 car? If you're going to buy a V6 car you're getting a V6. BTW- the 'Average' Japanese family car doesnt have a 120hp I4... more around 160-170hp.

A birdie told me American car companys focus on powertrains :doh: , but it seems Japanese V6's have them outclassed in power by far.

posted by  thunderbird1100

You cant forget the Acura RL's V6, its still a family car even thought its an luxury family car but so is the new Ford Five Hundred.

2005 Acura RL or Honda Legend(j-Spec) 3.5L V6 300hp.

posted by  aerith

I was just posting more mainstream V6 family cars...from the $20k-$25k range.

But yes the new J35 in the RL makes an astounding 300hp and 260tq still with only a SOHC design.

posted by  thunderbird1100

ok lets say you got a 700 whp 50 mustang which is a ton but now take the money it took u to get that much power and u can do it and more with and import i know of a totally streetable supera with 1032 whp thats right 1032 u get any american monster to touch that and ill make you some cookies

posted by  8G Galant


posted by  Carcass

If you want more power you can swap your carb out and buy a webber. You will still pass emissions. Next add a bigger muffler with 2 1/4 inch piping. After that get a high flow cat and a bigger header and watch your car fly. This is what I've to my 86 honda. My next step is I am going to get my head machine with a bigger camshaft, pistons, and pulleys. Good luck!

posted by  darnell22

way to revive a thread that is almost 2 years old! :thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

do you think with the honda 2.2 in an 1994 accord if it would be worth swapping the stock manifold for aftermarket headers and a cold air intake?

posted by  adamc44

after reading noones posts on this thread, im going to say somethings that would be sweet, these things would make me respect the 86 accord...
-indevidual side draft carbs
-slammed on oldschool 80s mugen white wheels with a black lip
-a nice, small exhaust (like 2" pipe all all the way)
-raise the compression some (perhaps by taking a little off the block surface, not to much though lol)
-external oil cooler
-a nice port and polish maybe

just a few ideas that would make for a pretty cool accord

posted by  mazda6man

Sounds like a waste of money to me.

posted by  Pythias

if someone wants to invest something in to a vehicle that they like, its never a waste... 3 years ago, i was saying i wanted to do things to my 87 corolla... my friends all said it would be a waste of money... now, after i nolonger have my corolla, one of those friends owns one, one drives the friend who owns one to work, and the others all want one... now, since ive become a classic import enthusiast, or what i like to call it anyways... enjoy vehicles such as this after some work as listed in my example of modifications... it wont be the fastest car in the world, but it will be one of the faster 86 accords...

posted by  mazda6man

Well as they say one man's junk is another man's treasure. The 86 accord hatchback looks very similar to the AE86 apart from it's an FF. I bet it would be worth just as much as an AE86 if it were rear wheel drive. And I remember the days when most people consider the AE86 as junk.

And the aural sound of a side-draught carbed car is hard to beat. But Webbers and Dellortos are expensive - I'd opt for bike carbs instead.

posted by  fudge

or if you really want to go all out... makuni...

posted by  mazda6man

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