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I need a car to tune but money is a factor!? should i get something like a CIVIC or MR2?!?!?! :2cents:

posted by  CobraAc

*Cough Cough*Eagle Talon*Cough Cough*

posted by  DSMDriver

looks like you got a cough m8

posted by  CobraAc

*cough*Only if it's the turbo*cough*

Save and get a Mustang 5.0 H.O. of course

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

but how much is that goin to set me back !!!!

posted by  CobraAc

Why seven dollars of course :thumbs:

You can get a nice H.O. for about 6,000CAD, I don't know how much cars go for in the U.S., but about 5 grand maybe, I don't know, some one will need to fill that in for me.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

nissan 300zx. u talk about tuneable, they are awesome, fast to start off w/ too. styling aint great on the older ones but hey. u can get the Z31's for like 2-3 grand, just my $.02

posted by  darkhorse

Between a Civic and an MR2...no contest...MR2

posted by  NISSANSPDR

well it depends with what u want to do with the car, if u want a butt load of parts cheap then get the civic hands down, but if you want something for drifting get a 240SX, or if u just want style the MR2, it's really about what u want to do with ur car

posted by  240SXSR20DET

mr2 all the way its so much better....just save some moey up and get something worth ur time

posted by  stinky2099

get an 95 awd talon tsi/eclipse gsx .... around 2000-7000... depending on dealer/seller.... its well worth it... or the 1st generation is also faster but the 2g looks better... ur choice(the 95 edition is closest to the 1st gen.)

posted by  4g63

*cough* style ~ 240sx fastback
performance ~240sx fastback + SR or RB
something affordable ~240sx fastback
IMO~ 240sx all the way...LOL :orglaugh:

well, i do like the Z32's also...NISMO like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! :hi:

posted by  nissanTFsx

No it's not.

And between those choices I'd get the MR2 (Not the MR-S).

posted by  Bino

yea... the MR2's are coo..NOT the MR-S

posted by  nissanTFsx

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