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Mitsubishi has released official photos of the New Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. I like the new look, looks like an Evo 7 and 9 mixed together. This is the last stage of the evolution to use this platform which is loosely based on the Lancer sedan. Rumors are that this car will produce around 330 hp stock. Mitsubishi has said that this car will include all the parts found on the 8MR will show up on this new car stock, including the Bilstein Suspension System, the BBS Forged Lightweight wheels, the Aluminum Roof Panels, Super AYC, and the special performance fins. Looks alot better then the new WRX STi, not sure how the STi is going to compete with this style wise.

This car is a super model compared to the hideous monstrosity that is the new Subaru WRX STi. At least that is what i think.

posted by  aerith

I have to agree. I always preferred the STi, but the new ones look like they're about to sneeze. Plus, if the new Evo is pumping out 330hp, that might be my next ride...hmm...*scratches chin*

posted by  Rane

Same here. (except for the buying it part)
I never understood, why make them 4 door? Families don't buy turbocharged 330hp monsters.

posted by  Godlaus

Or do they? :hi:

I could easily see my uncle buying that, and he has 2 kids in elementary school.

posted by  ToCkS

They seem to sell every last one of them they bring over here. I'd certainly perfer a four door model...a lot more practicality. And heck, if it's only going to weigh 3200lbs and still be AWD why complain?

posted by  thunderbird1100

I would think if I was looking for a family car I wouldnt mind one with a little more vroom than a Camry or something. They would make them 2 doors if they didnt sell any, but they do, so... I dont really like the new styling of the STi, but I think I could get over it.. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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