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Hey everyone i have a question for some of the smarter people out there.

At current i have a pioneer HU and set of rear speakers, all of which i payed someone to install. I have a toyota cynos and it comes with factory 5" speakers in the front, because of this it is very difficult to get 6" speakers and so i went for the only size that will fit easily, 4" components.

They are kicker component speakers and i have made mounts for the tweeters on the dash and can get the speakers the existing holes.

MY problem: I have never done any of this wiring stuff before, and don't wana blow all my electrics in my car. Can i just wire the crossover to the same place that the previous speakers were in or do they have to go into a different place since they are components???

IF i can't, where do they go??

Thanks, any help would be the bomb

posted by  arsenick6

Your question doesn't make a lot of sense. You can only wire a crossover one way. You can mount it where-ever you want. I'm sure Kicker provided a manual on how to wire the x-over with the speakers (on the box usually). It's very simple, you take the two wire leads from the HU and wire them to the input part of your x-over then wire one set of wires to your tweeter and one set to your woofer from the ouput side of your x-over.

posted by  thunderbird1100

i know that the tweeter and woofer go to the crossover, then the crossover to the HU, i just need to know weather the HU has a different place in the back for component speakers as opposed to the factory ones i have now.

posted by  arsenick6

No, you use the same i said, you just take the factory wires that went to your old speakers from the HU, wire them to the input side of the X-over then wire the two sets of wires from the output side of the x-over to the tweeter and woofer.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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