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Does anyone have any information or URL's on what to do, when the automatic door locking system, fails? I cannot open the drivers door. Have dissambled Pass door, observed all linkages and connecting parts, pried open the top of the drivers door panel, and everything seems to work, just like the passenger door, except it won't open. When operating outside or inside door handle, It feel's like the lock is not releasing, by the feel of the door handles. How do you open a door , when the locking assembly fails to operate correctly?

posted by  Starfuel1

hi, honda came out with a service bulletin to fix the broken door latch. if all doors except the drivers door works auto, and door from inside or outside will not unlock the latch, the latch portion is broke. damage to the inside panel during the fixing will result. the latch needs to be drilled from the inside at the plastic area. if you can get a copy of the service bulletin from honda for the fix, it is easier. you will need to get a good used door latch from a junked 90-91 4 dr accord. drill the latch and break it to open the door, then replace the latch assembly. ebay has the latch assembly from 6.00 to 50.00 the junk yard costs about 25.00 on up. a new latch is approx 300.00. i am in the process of doing my sons door. @#**@# lots of fun. this is a common problem with 90-91 accords

posted by  doug wong

Doug is right. I think you'll have to drill the latch. The bit will go through the latch and catch the pawl and the door will open. Here's a webpage with a bit more instructions.



posted by  Tanker

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