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thought i would share this.

i live in san francisco and i was down at the mission when i saw a silver/grayish g35 coupe pass by. the thing is, it had the s.k.y.l.i.n.e. emblems on its rear and a "GT" sign on the right.

if this was a skyline it would have been the first one i have ever seen.

posted by  Ki2AY

Yeah threw me off also. I pcked up a magazine, and on the cover it said "2007 Skyline GT-R Uncovered". I started to read it, and it started to talk about G35. Evidently the Skyline is sold as the G35 even though they dont have the same body styling.

For everyones info: The mag. was Sport Compact Car Feb 2005 :thumbs:

posted by  Coffin Type R

They probably just changed the emblems, I saw that done, because skylines are not being sold in us yet.

posted by  RusMan

The G35 is actually called the skyline in Japan. As you may know, Infinti like Acura only exist in certain countries, evidently Infiniti does not exist in Japan so the G35 is rebadged the Skyline. Well, not "rebadged" since it was originally called the skyline and rebadged here to be the "G35." But the time you saw someone with the G35 with the Skyline emblem, its probaly someone rebadged it but they have the right since technically its a skyline. The Skyline you are thinking about in the previous post with the different body styline was officially discontinued in 1999. The G35 is the new Skyline. The G35 in Japan, aka the skyline GTR has the ATTESA system and all the special attributes featured on the R34 GTR. The article you were talking about was the Skyline GTR, and it may be coming to North America probaly known as the G35 GTR, or something to that extent.

And don't you just hate it when people rebadge their 350z to "Skyline" ? Its annoying, they don't have the right even though the 350z shares the same body , suspension and engine as the G35.

posted by  aerith

yeh, ive been trying to get that point across for a long time... infinity is nissan, g35 is "ameri-skyline" as anything acura is a honda... the just "ameri-nize" it for marketing purposes

posted by  mazda6man

Yeah, that was a poser. I've seen that on quite a few G35 Coupes. People put "S K Y L I N E" on the back with the big ass GTR emblem. Yeah the G35 over here is very odd. The only one that you can get in the AWD ATTESA system are the Sedans, but you can't get the AWD Sedan with a 6-Speed manual. However you can get the G35 coupe with a 6-speed, but not with AWD. I don't know if this changed, but when the hell are they planning to make an AWD 6-Speed Coupe and Sedan G35?

Because a "skyline" with no 6-speed gearbox is no skyline at all. Least not in my book.

posted by  DSMer

it is not as good as the japan version skyline

posted by  gtr_man

What you saw is just someone up enough on their know-how to understand that a G35 is a skyline in japan.

I also have seen one of these, and I have seen a 350z with fairlady emblems. Doesn't mean it was a fairlady imported from japan, just means he got a hold of some emblems.

posted by  Zalight

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