Sudden deceleration when letting off the accelerator

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I'm looking around at used Accords and Camrys and test drove an Accord yesterday. The car had one irregularity that I don't have the knowledge to explain.

The car ('96 Accord, automatic trans) ran perfectly at low speeds (less than 35mph), but did some weird stuff when I got it onto the freeway. I sped up to about 65mph and then let off the accelerator. When I did that, the amount of drag I felt was amazing. The car dropped from 65 to about 50mph in the matter of just a few seconds. It was almost as if I was slightly depressing the brake pedal (not quite that drastic, but that's what it felt like). I know that's not normal behavior, but what would be causing that? Is there some part that could have gone bad that I should know about as I'm looking around at cars?

Thanks for any help.

posted by  swensonator

Fuel cut?

posted by  Wally

was it manual? it sometimes happens with manual cars, heavy clutches sort of make them stop faster than normal sometimes. could even be a worn out clutch (though i doubt it). maybe even a sensor that allows teh throttle to remain a little bit open so the deceleration process is smoother is going bad or something.

posted by  Inygknok

He said it was an automatic. There's a possibility that it was still in a lower gear. Decelleration is supposed to happen when you let off the gas, and even automatic cars will engine brake and not completely freewheel.

posted by  ChrisV

if it was a real small displacement engin with low horses it can do that my 2.4 lieter does the same thing ant its totalls normal at least on my car

posted by  8G Galant

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