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a buddy of mine said that you can gain cheap power :wink2: by switching your civic ecu with a 90 intregra ecu. i drive a 94 civic lx 4dr. it's a 1.5L and it got no power. i switched a 93 civic ex ecu with it and gain a little power, but the engine check light wouldn't go off.. so i switched back. have anyone switch the intregra ecu with a civic like mine? :doh:

posted by  iike

my friend up a LS ECU in his civic 1.5 litre econo vtec and it pulls a little harder than his vx ECU... the reason for the engine light is that the new ECU doesnt read the same as the old one, so what it thinks is bad is just normal for the engine

posted by  mazda6man

hi, I was just wondering, I have a European 1994 civic lsi 1.5 lsi, and I want change the Speedo from mph to kph. now if I took the ecu from a JDM 1.5 civic with kph and the clocks would the set up work? taken into consideration both engines are the same? does anyone have any idea if this is feasible.

thank you, I bow to your superior knowledge

posted by  davidmurphy123

Hmm, is it true that you can get two types of ECU? One drains away your fuel supply faster and one doesn't? Although the one that doesn't is supposedly more expensive, becuz I want an ECU but I don't want one that will drain all my fuel away

posted by  ClutchControl

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