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i would have to cut my front bumper off (grille it) when my front mount intake system comes. but any ideas? i cutted my last civic front bumper off (it was a 2dr though.. my civic now is a 4dr).. it took a long time and it was a hassle because i did it with a knife and the finished product look bad. :cussing: :orglaugh: i heard people use a dremel to cut it. :ohcrap: i seen it done with a 96 civic hatch, but my civic is a 94 4dr and the dremel looks kinda small and there is a thicker plastic covering. anyone done it to their civic yet? :doh:

posted by  iike

i wont let a dremel near my civics body... i keep it away and use it for motor stuff

posted by  mazda6man

just my :2cents:

posted by  mazda6man

Dremmels may look small but pack one hell of a punch, I have cut through many, many things with a dremel and the most guff its given me is the occaisonal high pitched squeel as I pushed it beyond its limits.

posted by  Zalight

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