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I have this old Toyota Carina II in the garage, when I start it up, i hear whooshing sounds coming from the front left and back (drivers pos), does anybody know what the problem might be?? I've never heard anything like it before, thought i was going crazy at first :banghead: . (btw it just got a new clutch and some new brake pads installed :thumbs: ).

posted by  Zenith

Ok, i just realised i went to the wrong part of the forum :ohcrap: , can the Mod of this section put it in the right place please?? Soz, Thanks...

posted by  Zenith

Hmmm... Guess either no one knows or else no one can be bothered to answer back... :(

posted by  Zenith

Well I don't know what a carina is. Could it be a leaky exhaust flange?

posted by  Wally

It's not the exhaust, I found out today that the car had a terrible oil leakage, and the engine was being blocked up with mold that had grown because apperently "someone else" had put water in the petrol tank at some point :ohcrap: Left me thinking, What The F***!! Why!? How!? Get out... But I couldn;t sat that, or else i'd get fired...

posted by  Zenith

hey himesh, we found you!!!

your 17, you go to hampstead.. you take cisco.. you dont have a car.. your sad.. get a life you small indian hairy guy

posted by  HampsteadMasif

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