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Hi all, I just wanted to get a few advices. I have a 02 Mazda Protege w/ automatic transmission. Well I got a partial sponsorship plus I have money saved up to start working on it. I want to put in a turbo kit but I dont want to go that far on a auto trans,, so,, Im trying to find out a ball park figure of how much would it cost and how difficult would it be to change it to a 5 speed transmission? Also, should I also work on changing the engine to like a mazda speed engine to have good performance? So basically if its worth changing it to a 5 speed transmission, should I leave the stock engine where it is or is that something that I can change later on if I wanted to. Thanks,

posted by  gsueiro

yes if you have the cash get the 5 speed it will be quicker and last longer as far as cost im not posotive but i think you are looking at $2000+ and the stock tranny probley cant run much power so i would swap before and major under the hood work

posted by  8G Galant

I wouldn't go with the speed block. its not much different. if you want to spend money put a set of forged slugs and rods or even a stroker kit into it. much better performance for the buck. thats if you can get past the mad torque steer

posted by  High Impedance

Hey guys. Figured I wouldnt' start a new thread, but I may be getting a 1990 Mazda Protege. Anything else I can put on it, not for speed, but for performance on the street say for example, tires, springs, shocks, etc? A new engine sounds good, but I think I'll invest in tools for the car first.

posted by  Saboteur

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