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Whats up every one, i own a honda civic sedan lx 95. And i think th shock are no good. I noticed it because i recently drove a 2002 toyota Corlla and the car was so smooth and comfrtable on the road. I feel evry crack in the road alot with my civic. And i also feel that the car ha to much body roll when im turning. Anyone has any suggestions on what suspension to get ?

Thanks alot , ill apreciate your help :)

posted by  xalex0000

i've got a suggestion, sell the P.O.S. u could probably get $2000 out of it if u find a dumb enough kid to sell it to.

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

First of all, you've got it all wrong, I happen to like my civic car. Because of its reliability, gas mileage and its relativley comfortable. I'm not looking to race the car, just to take me comfortably to the detination i wish to go. On the other hand, if I wanted to race, or show off with a car i would just take my dad's :) 03 SAAB, wich makes a lot of racing wannabees wet their pants and turn left or right in the next turn signal to escape the embarassment :) . By the way ? What good is it for me to sell that P.O.S for $2000 ? Get another P.O.S for $ 2000. Or are you willing to sponser me some money for a new car, That would be Great you know !

O but wait, you are right in one thing Chevy ! You do Suk Dong !

I still aprecate your Help ;)

posted by  xalex0000

i've got to say, saabs are nice cars... but i have a $1200 '79 280ZX. A few months ago i tested it's 0-60 and it did it in a lil under 8.0 flat. but, i think i messed it up a lil that time bcuz i tested it again and it did 0-60 in about 6.2 last wednesday. now, i'm not sure how fast ur dad's 03 saab is bet i bet i could beat it with less than $500 more put into my car.

and that was kinda an answer to ur question about buyin a new POS. i got my car for $1200. u could buy a way better car than a civic for 2 grand. it might be just a few years older but if u have to fix the suspension anyways, then the years don't really matter. I'm not sure if that made much scense but i don't care lol

PS: i know the exact times bcuz i tested it with a g-tech. just thought i'd tell ya bcuz whenever i tell kids in my school about it they don't beleive me bcuz i have the exact times...

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

Well, you should realize- your car is NOT a 2002 Corolla... So no matter what's up with your suspension, it'll NEVER feel like a Corolla- cos it isn't one! Now, anyway, since your car is 8 years old, I'd say your struts/shocks are worn out. Good reason to replace them with some good KYB pieces, and put new springs on while you're at it.


posted by  spirited driver

test your shocks
press down on each corner as hard as you can, and release the pressure
if it bounces more than once, you might wanna think about replacing the shocks

not so sure 'bout replacing the springs, how many miles does it have?

posted by  asa67_stang

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