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hey i just got a 93 honda civic manual transmission lx model.. i want to make it into a car with great performance for its class....where should i start?

Also is 22 added horse power big enough to tell the diffrence?

posted by  ImportLove

Start by getting a cold air intake system, adjustable cam gears, underdrive pulley, spark plugs, ECU...

Or you can just do a B16 engine swap because ill fit right in your LX.

..Damn how many times have you aasked this question..

posted by  CarEXPERT

Garrett 20x12x3.5 Intercooler
^ i have been offered this for a cheap price but im no car wize...sorry im working in a body shop trying to become better will that fit to my 93 honda civic lx and if so what will it do for me?

posted by  ImportLove

intercoolers are used for turbo and supercharged applications is your car turbo or supercharged. as far as underdrive pulleys they only apply to superchargers not N/A engines

posted by  carlos

i have the Garrett T3 60-1 .48 its not in my car but i have it i dont know if it can even go in my car or what exzactly it is...

posted by  ImportLove

N/A engines can have underdrive pulleys carlos. The pulley will be smaller for the crankpulley so less more power is used to drive the crank than the water pump, alternator, ect.

Importlove: thats a turbo, but where did you get it? It seems like you dont know anything about cars so why are yuo trying to tune up your car?

posted by  CarEXPERT

i dont know much about cars..but my sister did...she resently passed away soon after buying me this civic..she had a 69 chevelle wich went to my other brother she loved cars and this summer we had planned of fixing mine up so i could learn..

posted by  ImportLove

If you wanna learn ask some questions and read the posts here

posted by  CarEXPERT

so is that turbo worth learning how to install or is it some kind of cheap piece? what will it do for me?

Thanks sorry if im anoying with my dumb questions

posted by  ImportLove

Turbos are very hard to install and you need special tools. Turbos are not a cheap piece. It will make your car go faster.

Damn you are anoying, how old r u?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Yeah HE's anoying. :screwy:

posted by  GreekWarrior

i can understand where the attachment for the car is coming from. Really to start, READ EVERYTHING YOU CAN. start doing as much of your own work as you can. Get a manual for the car. will help you alot. Dont even try to use that turbo until you know and can explain the effects of timing retard. Otherwise, you car will be on the recieving end of some serious damage.

posted by  Low Impedance

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