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Hey guys and gals im sorry i have been posting so much about my car i just wanted to see if you have any information...

Can you guys tell me how to turn my stock 93 civic lx into a great machine?

What should i do first...Whats the best performance i can get for a reasonable price? and does anyone know where i can find the specs for my car at?

posted by  ImportLove

can you post a pic of your car here so we can see it?

posted by  pornking

With anything besides a engine swap... no... Get that mad VTEC y0! :tard: It is a Civic and will always be a Civic.

posted by  DeathScythe

Do you want to make if fast, or good looking (don't start the ricing thing people :thumbs: )?
If you want fast then you have to do an engine swap, and if you want good looking then get what you like.

posted by  RusMan

Here is my car, and im looking for speed right now looks can be later

posted by  ImportLove

I would say definitely need an engine swap...either the B16 Si motor...or the GSR B18 motor...I'd go w/the GSR motor, turbo it, and get some nice wheels and lower it...then paint it!

Good luck


posted by  NISSANSPDR

you were the guy who got his car from his sister and know wanted to learn about cars (in general), right? Seriously, start doing everything that you can yourself. (with in reason of course). Before you start changing things via aftermarket you should learn how to repair your car in factory terms. Thats what i did, and honestly, i learned how my car(s) work and why they work. That gives you a HUGE advantage when it comes to modifcations. Mostly because you are smarter about your choices, but you tend to preform the labor yourself. that makes everything cheaper so you can spend more on the car. Kind like a never ending loop....

posted by  Low Impedance


stop showing this f*%$ing picture

posted by  gtr_man

simple items to do not to expensive you can do your self or have a shop do. intake to cold air, caution if you are in a heavy rain area get the shorter intake style. tires and rims, head light bulbs, tail light change over, tinted windows, exhaust pipe, besure have the exhaust changed to 2 1/2 in pipe from cat back or change cat also. lots of items in ebay to play with.

posted by  doug wong

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