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i heard they gonna stop making celicas n mr2 coz they r bringin supras bak is taht true?

posted by  slvracurarsx03

Yea the Celica and MR2-Spyder was discontinued...the Supra supposedly is supposed to come back...there's a concept around the internet for it...V8 500HP around 80-110k or something...they are not sure if it's going to be tagged as a Lexus or Toyota

posted by  NISSANSPDR

i checked it out, i dont like the way it looks, it kinda got the same body shape as 350Z

posted by  slvracurarsx03

I believe it will be a Toyota that is either the Supra, or a car that will then have the offspring of a Supra. They have had spy pics of it going around Nurenburing (sp?).

posted by  StiMan

Well.. The new Supra SHOULD be coming out under the Toyota tag, it wouldn't come out under the lexus tag. The Celica is being considered to continue, but the future for the MR2 is not looking so good. Oh and the new MR2 is gonna look DON! (well according to spypics)

posted by  Zenith

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