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i noticed that in a forum on that sumone turbocharged their vibe but untraditionaly, instead of under the hood they placed the trubo at the end of the car near the end of the exhuast and then stuck the air filter on the end of the turbo and ran another pipe back, also the long pipe eliminated the need for an intercooler since the long piping cooled it off by itself, it did produce less power than a conventional under-the-hood turbo however, and i was wondering whether i should do this or swap in the SR20DET for my current motor, i'd rather not take advice from sumone without a rear wheel drive car

posted by  240SXSR20DET

wtf! send my the pix of it. i have never heard of something like that. well it depends if you like drifting or dragging or w/e. if you want drifting, the sr20det is a good motor. if you want dragging, then keep the motor you have. the ka24de has a bigger displacement then the sr20det.

posted by  silvia_star

Well the det is turbo, on top of that the det is built to handle turbo conditions. Speaking as someone who has installed a turbo on a na engine, its just not quite all its cracked up to be. On a perfect install you will still have little ticks that you just cant work out. Even though the engine can handle the turbo it does not mean that it wont have its flaws. My advice is go with the JDM SR20det 220whp you will be much happier then even slapping a turbo on your engine with only 190hp at the flywheel.

posted by  cpushrink1

the attached file is the picture of the turbo on the vibe.
you can look at some pictures a little ways down the page if you go to then go to forum, then click on the search option to the right and type in vibe, scroll down the page a lil and you will see "bet you've never seen this set up", and it's got sum dyno's and shows pictures, but thanks for the input

posted by  240SXSR20DET

get a sr20det redtop and youll be happy....I think :thumbs:

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