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I would like to open my mind to alot of you experts out there in the world of drifting and "drift cars"

I am thinking of getting a 240sx


240sx sr20 engines are they illegal?

What are LSD and how do u put that in your? what does it do to the car?

If i convert a 240sx into a sil 80 or a silvia s13 will that be illegal?

Is the sil 80 and s13 same thing? cept that 1 is hatch and 1 is not?

What are chassis*spell check* what happens when u have xxxK amt on them? is that bad? if so can they be replaced?

is it true that 90-93 240sx are pretty nice car to start with?

How high should i go to buy 1 that is 90-93 and has decent milage?

What is the SE (im thinking special edition) on a 240sx what is the diff between SE and a non SE? is it good?

I will add more when my mind wanders Thanks for helping

posted by  HaVoC11

SR20DET's could pass emissions but they'd have to be pretty unmodified to...but it is legal to have them in your car...ppl put big V8's in 240Z's...that's legal.
An LSD is a limited slip differential...it stops the inside tire from spinning when you floor it on a turn...you would want to use the J30 LSD or find a rare S14 LSD...I think the 300ZX LSD can be used...but I am not certain.
A Sil80 is a S13 that has the front end of a Silvia and the back end of a 180SX...

The S13 came in only 3 forms in the USA...coupe, hatch, and convertible

This is an S13 Silvia (motor inside is a SR20DET)...it has non-popup lights...all USDM (United States Domestic Market) S13's have popup lights stock


This is a 180SX is basically on the outside a S13 hatchback except it has these tailights...motor wise it had a CA18DET to start out w/but the name was so good that even after they changed to a SR20DET...they kept the name


The best years in my opinon are the 91-93...since they carried the DOHC (dual over head cam) KA24DE...creating 155HP and 160TQ. The 89-90's only had a SOHC and created 140hp IIRC

SE I think was Sports Edition...continues til this day I think...IIRC...I know for sure that on the SE S14 model...they had 5 lugnuts on all wheels (very important for wheel selection and brake mods), 5 spoke wheels (on the S14's remember), white faced gauges, CD standard, etc...dunno what the S13 SE's had...probably something similar...oh and it had a wing...

Mileage wise...well...if you are going to swap the motor...just make sure the body and chassis are not injured and straight...you know...it hasnt been in an accident or anything. But if you intend to keep the motor for a bit since you dont have the money right away...I wouldnt get a S13 with more than 150k miles...personally. The KA24DE is almost eternal...but it needs a lil care and oil changes...if not...a careless owner could definitely shorten its lifespan.

Best of luck!

PS: This is a Sil80 or Sileighty...


Likewise there's also a OneVia...which is a front end of a 180SX w/a back end of a Silvia...but that's basically a S13 Coupe here in the USA...lol.


posted by  NISSANSPDR

wow u helped me alot...but still kinda ...hazy on 2 things...

The LSD is it somekind of component u put in the car? and can u describe it more specifically like....what happens when u dont have 1 and thenu have 1?

also...about the chassis what are they?

posted by  HaVoC11

If you dont understand what I am talking about here's this link...but I will try to simplify it


A differential is where the power is transfered from the engine to the wheels...there are two main types of differentials...open which has no LSD...and then there are LSD...on my car...the LSD is located in the rear (since it's Rear Wheel Drive or RWD). On an Integra Type R...it would be in the front since it's FWD. It allows you to floor it/accelerate thru turns w/o having the inner tire (the inside tire of the turn) from slipping...you dont want to slip..you want to go...so it prevents it from slipping as much...ie limited slip differential.

Chassis..well...a chassis is the framework of the car...but if you are talking about the 240SX chassis...then here I go

89-94 were the years for the S13 designation of the 240SX

89-90 were SOHC engines
91-94 were DOHC
94 was convertibles only

95-98 were the years for the S14 designation of the 240SX

All were DOHC motors...same as the S13's that had DOHC motors

95-96 were the Zenki's
97-98 were the Kouki's or known as the shark eyes

Here's the S13 USDM hatchback (minus the body kit and wheels of course)

http://www.shophyperformance.com/cart/images/thumb/240sx_body_kits511s.jpg< br />
S13 USDM Coupe (minus the wheels)


S14 Zenki (I used to own one...blue emerald was the color)


S14 Kouki (minus body kit, wheels, carbon fiber hood, and wing)


posted by  NISSANSPDR

wow thanks man....for my first project car i think imma get a 240sx hatch and convert to sil 80....sounds good no ? =D

posted by  HaVoC11

It's all good...I personally like the coupe since it's about 100 lbs lighter than the hatch (due to the glass in the rear)...but if you want the hatch to make a Sil80...it's all doable...you will need the front lights of a Silvia...and then the 180sx tailights...good luck man!

Hope I helped.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

yeah u did...thanks for everything i like that website too...how things work...

posted by  HaVoC11

also alot of my friends have the coupe...so imma do somethign different...you know?

posted by  HaVoC11

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