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Hi guys,

I was just at my local Toyota dealership and noticed they have a used Lexus SC 400. They are asking $8500 (Canadian) as is. Not sure what year it is and how much kilometers on the odometer.. It is the late model for sure (92-96) just by looking at the condition of this vehicle..I am sure that with a price like that its gotta be old and have lots of kilometers...I also noticed some rust along the rear wheel intention on purhasing this one, but I am curious...Heck, if its got 100,000 clicks and it's a 96 & up then I will consider it, but I doubt that is going to be the case...I sent the dealer an email and should get a reply tomorrow.

Does anyone have any opinions on this Lexus product?

posted by  donvito2005

my opinion...if the damage is repairable....get it...

if its manual of course...i can barely find any decent manuals in my nieghborhood =/

posted by  HaVoC11

because for 8.5k thats not too bad....ino cus i also love the sc wish car....and for 8 k i would so buy it...if it was manual...and has less than 80k miles on opinion

posted by  HaVoC11

My mom had a SC400 '93 Black w/tan interior. They are very nice cars...hers was great...she sold it after 10 years of loyal service. They only killer is taking it to the dealership...but Lexus is pretty good about fixing stuff but it's just their prices.

There are no manual SC400's...but there are SC300's that are manual.

Best of luck.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

a friend of mine has a green sc400....with a turbo 2jze (supra) engine swap.
pretty friggin sweet, look out for it in upcoming mags.

posted by  b_DuB13

Thanks for your feedback guys....since this is a v-8 it is an automatic. and I just got an email from the dealer, it has 159,000 kilometers...he forgot to tell me what year it guess is 92-96. It's not safetied and he is selling it as is....maybe if I can talk him down a thousand I will go for it...gotta go test drive it though...I am now waiting for the dealer to get back to me with a year.

posted by  donvito2005

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