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I want to put a new engine in my truck or get more horse power.

It is a K24D similar to the 200sx i think was wondering which way would be cheaper.

Upgrade my engine or get a new enginge. Like a 300zx torbo charged or just a v6 engine that come in other model trucks?

I want horse power and speed and simy good gas millige. My truck rocks but no horse power.

posted by  WARP_9

Well your options are kinda limited...

There's the KA24DE...I am sure you could find one of those

Another idea is an SR20DET...

I would go for a VQ35DE (the 3.5 liter V6 that they use in their 350Z, Maxima, Altima...and pretty much every other Nissan under the sun)

If you had real money...I would get the 5.6 Liter Titan engine...but odds are it wont fit...maybe the 4.5 Liter Q45 Motor would fit...who knows...

Anything can fit w/$$$

posted by  NISSANSPDR

What about and older engige like a 300zx engine from 80-89 the had one with torbo on it.

If i got one remanfactured and a tranny to.

The limiting factor is always how much cash it will take.

posted by  WARP_9

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