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What does it mean and what is the difference between a SE and a non SE....which is better?

posted by  HaVoC11

on is the hatch and one has the trunk. i think the hatch is SE. not sure though. I know it was sportier which really means a few crappy upgrades in looks and options....

posted by  Low Impedance

Crappy? one of the biggest things that I saw was the best improvement was the fact that on the S14...the LE models (non-SE) had 4 lug wheels...that sucks if you want to put 300ZX brakes or Q45 brakes on them since you need FIVE LUGS. you have to do a whole 4 to 5 lug swap too...

I personally also like the wheels much better on the SE S14's than the crap ones that the S14 LE's had...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

se - sport edition
le -luxery edition
se and le models are better than non se model . on se /le you have 5 lug wheels ( more options for aftermarket wheels with proper offset +brake swap ) front and rear sway bar ( non se only has front)and se has stiffer springs .there is more little things
get se or le if you can , the price difference is not that big

posted by  lelek


posted by  HaVoC11

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