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im looking for a used import that is fast with high horsepower. My budget is around $8000. I have considered these: 97 Surpa, 240sx (any year in the 90s), 300zx (also in the 90s). I want something to compete with some of the racers around my area. I apreciate any of your impute. Thanks.

posted by  ArABONE

Oh boy...someone has their head in the clouds :screwy:

First off you cannot get a "high HP" Supra TT or 300ZX TT that's worth buying for $8k. They are going to be high mileage and/or broke. So if that's what you want then know that that is the bed you're making and you're going to have to sleep in it.

2nd off...the 240SX is a great car to compete w/local cars but you dont have to limit yourself to just that car...their are other great RWD or AWD cars that I can recommend:

MR2 Turbo
RX7 Turbo (2nd Gen)
Eclipse/Talon AWD Turbo

These can be found in your price range, are Asian imports, and are fast...the 240SX will most likely not be fast for the price you are going to buy it at since most 240SX's that are fast (ie ones w/motor swaps or forced induction...turbo kits) are usually above 10k and up...so be aware of that fact.

Best of luck...and remember...dont let anyone tell you what car to buy...buy what you want.

This is just my :2cents:

posted by  NISSANSPDR


Ive seen Supras that have virtualy no damage low mileage go for approximatly $8000. So u think they prob have some internal problems?

posted by  ArABONE

Are you sure we are talking about the same version Supra's?

MKIV (4th gen) Supra TT (320HP) and there are Non Turbo (220 or so HP)


MKIII (3rd gen) Supra Turbo (236HP) and I think there was a Non turbo also


MKII Supra came in 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder...IIRC...not positive


The 300ZX...there's also a couple versions

Z32 (2nd Gen) 300ZX TT (300HP) and NA version (220HP)


Z31 (1st Gen) 300ZX Turbo (200HP) and NA version (160HP)


My point is that the Supra MKIV's are going for around 20-40k depending on mods, mileage, and condition. The MKIII's are alot cheaper.

The 300ZXTT's are going for around 10-20k depending on mods, mileage, and condition. Z31's are also...alot cheaper.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Agreed... for 8 grand you could get a POS TT 300ZX or Supra MKIII. Not even a NA Supra for 8g's. With you range I'd suggest something less than a "sports" car. Or get a older one any Z's that are under 1990 would do of you could juss get a NA 300ZX Z32. I know a lot of people in you position go for the 240SX's. In all honesty this isn't the F&F don't try to juss jump to the head of the line. Buy a simple car that is easy to work on. My 2 cents is a S13, RWD 4 banger. Or even a RX7 snd gen.

Oh ya NISSANSPDR, you goin to Z fest on the 25th?

posted by  DeathScythe

about the supras i was talking about the 4th gen twin turbo goin for around 8000 (low mileage). donno how donno y. but the idea of owning a supra for my budget is heart warming.
see for yourself at www.autobytel.com
http://www.autobytel.com/content/Buy/Inventory/index.cfm?id=6630;ABTL&actio n=inventoryListUsed&make_vch=Toyota&model_vch=Supra&search_mileage_int=500& Entered_Postal_Code_vch=91316&Low_Price=5000&High_Price=999999&numCarsOnOne Page=10&Order_by_int=2&dspCpo=0,0 to be exact

about the zx i was talking bout the 2nd gen

posted by  ArABONE

WHAT THE BLOODY ****??? Since when a Supras that cheap??? Maybe its juss a FL thing...

posted by  DeathScythe

what da hell!!!! there is got to be sometime wrong with these cars... cuz I have never.. EVER.... seen a supra that cheap... My only guess... water damage... But hell, I wouldnt mind paying 8k for a broken supra... it would sure make a nice project car... lol

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

u must have seen wrong cuz 4th gen supras just dont come at $8k unless there was some serious internal damages, or a bad crash that they are hiding. maybe even stolen (has happened). my supra (the mk3 in the pic below) u can find from $2k-$6k, depending on conditions. there was a non-turbo model on the mk3 as well. other than that, i wouldnt look for the newer models of any of those cars with a budget of just $8k. i would spend those $8k in the older model with some tune ups and repairs included, maybe even mods. it would be a much better deal as long as u can find one of those in very good conditions. its up to u which to buy.

posted by  Inygknok

Yea I noticed that a couple weeks ago about those prices...maybe there's a reserve? I dunno...if they are that cheap...I'll take two!

(There's gotta be a catch...unless they want to unload them real quick and get 240SX's...everyone loves 240SX's...I guess the TFTF craze is officially over!)

posted by  NISSANSPDR

These are more like the prices you'd really pay...I wouldnt trust those 8k Supra MKIV

http://motors.listings.ebay.com/Toyota_Supra_W0QQfcclZ1QQfclZ3QQfromZR12QQf rppZ50QQfsooZ2QQfsopZ9QQsacatZ6447QQsbrsrtZlQQsocmdZListingItemList

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Ah HA! SCAM!!! :D So I figure it was worth the shot to find out about these crazy low price supras... so I email one of the guys... and less than an hour I get a responce telling me he needs to sell the car TODAY! and that if I want it... I have to send him via wester union $1000.00 hahahaha yeah right like I'm f*cking stupid! anyway... its a scam... all of them!!!

If you want a supra... specially a MK4 then be ready to drop anything between 20-45K!!! hahaha


posted by  SunDown13X VR4

well some of these are in my area i could always get a machanic to check em out b4 even considering giving any $

posted by  ArABONE

Well, you know what... In the UK, some people sell Supras, (MKIV), for round 6g, convert that to US dollars, comes round the same. HOWEVER, those are NOT tuned, and have, and i mean ALWAYS have, some sort of fault.

posted by  Zenith

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