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Ok, I saw the most weirdest thing on the motorway yesterday, some guy had a 1987/88 Toyota Supra MKIII, I know it was one for a fat, but when I looked at this one in greater detail, I saw that it had 4 doors!! Now I KNOW for a fact that there is NO conversion out there that can allow for this to happen, has ANYONE else ever encountered this?? It is definitly bazarr, because, I have cherished and loved Supras since the day I was born, but I have never EVER even dreamt about a 4 door Supra. I asked the people I work with in the garage if they know how it could be done, and they said it was impossible. because if you look a tthe supra, by the time the first door is finished, there can only be half of another door. So is this actually possible?

posted by  Zenith


posted by  CarEXPERT

Anything is possible w/$$$


posted by  NISSANSPDR

first possibility i would see happening the easiest would be the option of suicide doors.

next in line, MKIII's have very long doors. in my building everyone nicked my car as "the jet plane", mainly cuz of the size, deep rumble sound, and the long doors that cover up the a great deal of a 2 lane street. i believe it is quite possible to cut them down in size to fit "normal" doors behind the original ones. just like the suicide doors but vice versa but having the need of adding a center panel for the front door locks and the hinges for the rear doors.

if its a hardtop model, a rolling door like those on minivans. i can see it happening on a targa model, but it would be a major hassle and most possibly TOO complex.

posted by  Inygknok

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