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Hey wat up? I'm tryin to sell my 95 gs for $4000 w/o the rims. And im also lookin to buy a 97 Gsx or Gst for around $7000. Would this be a reasonable price for the car im sellin and the car i want to get? if you want to see a pic of mah car jus go to this
and also is the gsx that much better than the gst? And what is the big difference in a Gsx and a TSI AWD turbo? if yall guys could help me i would really apreciate it thanx for yall time

My Gs
Rdora bodykit
$2000 sound system
Megan Racing muffler
halo lights

posted by  Eclipse95

i didnt think there was a difference between gst and gsx either... but driving in my brothers 96 awd talon TSi... and then going into my brothers friends gs-t...theres a big difference...even tho the gs-t was stock.. the talon was pullin a lot more....ppl that ride in it think they'll break their necks loolz.. and hey lets try to start a dsm section in this site lolz... mine as well try

posted by  4g63

Why don't you just joint DSMtuners of DSMtalk?

Good luck finding a '97 GSX or GST for $7K, but it could be done. I recently acquired my '95 GSX for $7500, so good luck to you.

posted by  Bino

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