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Hello, I want to buy a new car but im not sure what my options are, so i would like to see your opinions... right now all i can think of (and what i would probably get) is probably a new $21000 Honda Accord sedan. I dont have the money so ill im gonna have to work my ass off to pay it off so money is somewhat an issue. But i dont want to get a used car....

are there any other cars similar to the honda accord? or is that the best deal you can get... from all i know, honda makes very good cars and have good prices (my mom has a honda odyssey, my sis has a honda accord) I want a car that looks nice, thats approximately the same size, 4 doors (my mom wont let me go for 2 doors or manual either), fun to drive, and I also will probably want to upgrade/enhance it later on if i get bored (i know nothing about cars).. Im a teenager (that info may better help you suggest - you can apply stereotypes whatever). the reason i would like to change the body a bit later is that i see so many honda accords around that i would like mine to look a bit different (but not that much different, i know my limits before it becomes stupid looking).

thanks in advance for your help :) im not sure if you guys answer these kinds of questions, but ill try asking anyways.

posted by  timwoo

In the same size-class, here are a few: Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, Mitsubishi Galant, Mitsubishi Diamante. I'd check those out.

posted by  ThirdeYe

would you suggest any of those above the honda accord? i checked them all out and they all seem to be about the same thing... which one would be the best for aftermarket upgrade whatever thingies? i want to make my car look cool and nice (well "different" at least) without being laughed at of course... which would be best for that?

posted by  timwoo

There is a reason the Accord is ranked above all of those cars in nearly every comparo ever. Get the Accord.

posted by  thunderbird1100

if you want 4dr car auto tranny id go for 99 toyota camry V6 210 whp
and put custom made body on it or you can just wait till you are old
enough to buy car that you want.

posted by  slvracurarsx03

Well I personally love my Altima, and they would be a good deal cheaper as well... Then again, I haven't tried any of the Altimas after 2000, so I wouldn't know much about those.

posted by  ThirdeYe

aloha; honda accord is a good car, low maintenance compared to other imports, best value for resale, good car to do performance up grade, have driven and owned toyota, nissan,honda,subaru,vw,mg, also most american hp cars. honda's are good rides.

posted by  doug wong

The Accord is the best one, but make sure if you are planning to get an Accord, spring for the V6 version and spend a extra couple thousand because its worth it. My second choice would be the Altima, they look great, and they have decent power. The Accord is the most fuel efficient and has the lowest maintainence cost, so the higher price actually saves you money in the long run.

posted by  aerith

thanks for your opinions :)
for an accord.. would getting an automatic coupe be worth it cost wize?

posted by  timwoo

haha... nevermind... theyr about the same price arent they. whats the performance difference between an accord coupe and an accord sedan? i dont see how it would add anyhitng but aesthetic differences...

posted by  timwoo

There is really no difference in performance in the Coupe or Sedan Accord. Only the Coupe weighs about 60-70lbs for the same trim level which basically equates to nothing but a drivers race if put side by side. the real performance difference comes in the tranny choice. A Coupe/Sedan V6 Automatic probably wont do anything better than a 14.8 while a six speed coupe (6spd available in coupe only) will do 14.4-14.5. Plus the six speed handles a litter better due to larger wheels and tires. My good friend has a HFP equipped 2003 six speed coupe Accord and ran 14.10s in it bone stock. It now runs 13.90s with Intake/Exhaust.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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