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What are the major differences between the Infiniti G35 and the Skyline? It's my understanding that the Skyline is sold over here as the G35. If that's the case then why would anyone want to import a Skyline when the could get the same thing for cheaper over here?

posted by  eclipso

different markets tend to have name changes. But it is essentially the same car only "americanized"

posted by  Low Impedance

So if that's the case then why do so many people care about importing a skyline when you can just buy a G35?

posted by  eclipso

People like to import the pre-R34 versions. Ones that were never offered in any form to Americans. Not the newer 250GT, 300GT, 350GT versions wich are basicly G35's in coupe and sedan forms.

Nissan is attempting to remove the GT-R label away from Skylines and associate it with a higher performance model period. What people fail to forget is that the Sykline is not a super car. In fact its merely a sports car based off a sedan platform. Merley a Japaneese M3. The car that you think of as a Skyline would be the Skyline GT-R and GT-S. Those are the track legends that create a name for themselves from brute performance. There are and always have been other Skylines in sedan model and some were even luxurious.

Since Nissan is sticking to the VQ engine practically everything within the Nissan/Infiniti will have the VQ engine. The only differences between whats available with the G35 and the GTR(wich has not been released yet) is the fact that the G35 has not been offered in ATTESSA AWD and 6-Speed manual here in the US. You can purchase a Coupe 6-Speed G35/RWD and a Sedan automatic G35/AWD but the 6-Speed AWD Coupe has not been offered yet. Wich is what you would equate to a modern Skline GTR.

Infiniti dealers even offer a Skyline rebaging kit for the G35. Point blank and simple the G35 is the Skyline just with a different name. The Skyline name has no market value in the US as only a few people(mainly wieners who can't afford them and play fast and furios video games all day) would know what they were and would be willing to pay upwards of $50,000 for a performance Nissan. Therefore the model was turned over to the Infiniti make.

Same cars, same chassis, same engine. Different badges.

posted by  DSMer

there is nothing wrong playing fast n furios games :banghead: or underground which is ma fav :mrgreen:

posted by  slvracurarsx03

Thanks, DSMer.
I would think it would be easier to call the car Skyline, because G35 is kind of boring sounding, or maybe euro sounding, which is probably what infiniti (and lexus and acura) are shooting for.
Another question, they don't have Acura, Lexus, and Infiniti in Japan do they?
I was always under the impression the the Japanese Big 3 started these lines of cars under different names so as to seem more "luxury" and not so "asian".

posted by  eclipso

No, if they called the car a Skyline it would'nt sell. G35 is actually the chassis code for the Skyline I beleive. But the Skyline name has no market value in the US, people will get the wrong interpretations from it. America wants a luxery performance vehicle not some little kids rice fantasy.

No there is no Acura, Infiniti, or Lexus in Japan. Those are all luxery cars that were created because Americans would'nt pay $34,000 for a Honda Accord. So you make a Acura TSX. They won't pay $40,000 for a Nissan Maxima, so you make an Infiniti G20. They won't pay $80,000 for a Toyota Soarer, so you make a Lexus SC430.

posted by  DSMer

I think you would know the difference if you ever saw/drove one. :wink2:

posted by  Wally

Well obviously the Skyline's steeringwheel would be on the right hand side of the car and the G35's steeringwheel would be on the left hand side of the car. Other than that, no you should'nt be able to tell the difference in the two.

posted by  DSMer

Actually, i think Lexus exists in Japan. Infinitis also exist in certain parts of Asia like Hong Kong. But Acura only exists in North America. I wouldn't call it the big 3, more like the big 2. Even though Nissan is the third biggest automobile manufacturer in Japan, 51% of it is owned by Renault, so it's not purely Japanese anymore. That is why you start to see Nissan start to leave the Japanese Import car character: fuel efficient, smaller, and smaller engine sizes. Nissans are becoming as fuel efficient as Domestic vehicles. But Honda and Toyota unlike Nissan is stilled 100% owned and operated by the Japanese, and most of Toyota is still true to the Japanese Import Heritage; more speed with less gas but of late, their V8's are very inefficient. Honda is the purest of the bunch, look at the S2000, LEV2 LEV at 240 horesepower, the NSX a LEV 290hp exotic sports car.

posted by  aerith

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