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When the car is salvaged whats the pros and cons about it?

posted by  HaVoC11

It has most defenitely been in an accident.

posted by  RusMan

pro: when its salvaged, u can almost haggle the price down to a joke

cons: the joke will most probably end up on u once u buy the car

posted by  Inygknok

Pros: you'll pay about 2/3 of non-salvege price.
Nobody will know if the car is salvaged unles you tell them.

Cons: it won't keep the value.
If the car wasn't repaired properly, there might be major problems especially on wheel alignments.

Salvage car doesn't always mean it was "totaled" it could be a "theft recovery" from a stolen car. Is that right?

posted by  ed_7702

I think it can be auto theft, but only if the car has been tampered with and missing enough of its original pieces. Like stealing somones rice ass honda and taking his B block out and selling it on ebay :laughing: .

Salvage is for people with alot of money. I bought a "salvaged" Mustang some years back and that project went straight to hell. Nothing was in the car. The engine's internals were missing "No wonder it would'nt crank over" :laughing: .

Depends on the condition of the vehicle. Rear end salvages are the best, because you can always save the engine if not the entire vehicle because rear end damage rarley seriously breaks anything.

Side impacts can be worked with depending on how bad the body is knocked in.

Front impacts are very tricky. If hit hard enough the front end usually twist out of its original geometry meaning you'll have frame damage. Frame damage is not only dangerous but expensive to fix. If the front end was damaged so badly that it bends the frame that project is a no go...

posted by  DSMer

Don't you have to have a salvaged-title car inspected before an insurance company will insure you?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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