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Anything I could do to make my Accord better? I think the taillihgts look weird...any good body kits to make it pimpin? thx.

posted by  iknownothing

You could always sell it and get a sports car...

Normal performance mods are:
ECU Upgrade/Reflash/Remap

Moderate performance mods:
Nitrous system
Motor swap

Normal aesthetic mods:
Body kit
Lowering springs and shocks (handling mods too)
Rims and tires (handling too)

Moderate aesthetic mods:
Custom paint job
Custom hood, trunk, mirrors etc

posted by  NISSANSPDR

go to ebay or internet, exhaust headers, cat back 2 1/2 in pipe, flow thru muffler, high flow intake pipe (3"), 16" +- rims and tires, (large rims+large calipers for braking w/brenbo disks, start saving for engine work, this is a good start. enjoy

posted by  doug wong

What year accord and model and we'll start from there.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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