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Hey ppls. I'm sure this question has been asked and i did look for it so please dont rag on me. but i've been reading up on importing skylines. And i heard that if the car is over 15 years old the car can be imported and be registered within the U.S. please any info would be really helpfull. thanks.

posted by  Drift_Fan

Your best bet is through MotoRex (search google for their website)...frankly, don't keep your hopes up on importing a Skyline, it just ain't worth it. However, save your pennies when the much hyped US version is released by Nissan/Infiniti. I would expect this one to run around 50-60k atleast, with a possible V8 or turbo V6...

posted by  boostOn

Why do ppl still keep telling other ppl to go thru Motorex?


Try instead

posted by  NISSANSPDR

thats king of avoiding my question completely guys what i wanted to know what if the 15 year rule existed in the U.S. because finding the skyline and getting it here is easy i just need to know about the 15 year rule. well and one other thing is if you guys know what i need to do to go about getting it registered within the U.S.

P.S. on more question what is a good suspension set up for a JDM AE86

posted by  Drift_Fan

I'm not sure about the 15 year old thing. I think in the United States, its 20 years, not 15. But here in Canada it is 15 years or older. But there is a time limit loophole. If the vechicle you want to import is 15(20) years or older, it can be legally imported into the US.

You have to go through alot of procedures. I'm not sure what you need to do in the US, but here in Canada, its a long process. First as its crossing the border, you need a letter from the manufacturer statiing that the car is up to date, and that all the things that may have been recalled has been fixed already. And then you have to make sure that the VIN number is correct and also the Manufacturer label is still on the car, or if not; you will need identification from the original manufacturer staing that it is truly built in Japan and that the car has been approved by the Japanese government, etc, etc. At the customs, you have to pay an import duty tax, which is reliant on how much you paid for the car. Now, here comes the hard part, you have to choose under which condition is the car entering the country: performance (show) vehicle, street vehicle, or salvage vehicle. If you want to license it and drive it on the streets, the customs office takes the car for a couple of tests. And then after, they issue you with a list of the parts you need to replace or modify to make it street legal. And then you are given 45 days to complete all modifications and pass through emissions test and an assortment of other tests. If the vehicle passes, then you will have to find an insurance company who is willing to insure you, but not many insurance companies inusure imported vehicles, and the insurance is quite expensive too. But if you fail the tests, the vehicle faces immediate deportation.

Remember, this is the procedures needed for a Canadian. For the US, it should be similiar. So, you can try and use what i told you as reference. Hope i helped.

posted by  aerith

...or you can buy a G35/350Z and save yourself the hassle.

What is everyone's freakin obsession with SkyLines?! :banghead:

posted by  Gothicaleigh

it looks better than the 350Z and the infinti G35(R32 all the R34)

posted by  ahoo

Dont you always want what you cant have? You know...the forbidden fruit? Isnt it better to do something you know is wrong?

It's like when I was under 21...drinking was a whole lot "cooler" than when I actually became I drink socially w/friends...not to get drunk.

Wouldnt you love to have a car that really no one has in the United States? I remember seeing a Porsche 959 and I dropped my jaw...they arent legal here in the US...and it's probably a REALLY small number that have one...that's just cool beyond belief

Course a Skyline is not a 959...but to import's pretty's on par w/a Supra TT...but it's got AWD and can make just as much power as the Supra's

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I wouldnt say on par with the supra TT, i would say above and beyond. Personal preference of course, but AWD is just so much better for drags and autocross. And the R34 GTR V-Spec II can smoke a TT supra anytime. And plus if you have enough money, the Skyline has more potential, ive seen a Skyline with 1300+ hp without going to methanol, Supra max is around 1000hp. Of course, compared to the muscle cars of yore capable of 1600+hp, the skyline and the supra seem like small fish.

posted by  aerith

One...I said it was on par b/c they are always compared and since they both have twin turbo inline 6's...they make for great rivals...they race against each other in the it's natural. Plus the Supra here has an almost legendary status...equal to that legendary status of the Skyline in Japan...from what I know.

Two...Supra's have made over 1200rwhp...I've even read about one that made 1500rwhp.

Sick...just sick.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

they are cool and really fast

posted by  gtr_man

Yeah, i have read about that as well, but that is because they swapped out the engine. I'm talking about a RB26 with 1300+ hp, Supras are great, don't get me wrong, i love them, but i just wouldnt say they are on par with GTR's.

posted by  aerith

See I would say the Supra is more on par w/the Supra than say the VR4/GTO is...or the RX7 TT...

I mean what was the Skyline's competition...down in Australia is was the Holden's and the Ford Falcon's...big V8's...they were Japan it's the Supra, NSX, not say it's the competition...and if it's not on's not competition

posted by  NISSANSPDR

NISSANSPDR is your pic for your sig a real car cause it looks amazing

posted by  ahoo

It's a concept...not an official one's more info

posted by  NISSANSPDR


posted by  ahoo

Competition does not have to be on par. As long as they belong in the same class, they can be called "competition." For example the chevy malibu is in the same class as the accord, and chevrolet refers to the accord as competition, but does the malibu really have a chance against the Accord? Hell no, and you know it. But competition can be used differently and it really all comes down to your own preference or way of thinking. From my perspective the true competition for the skyline is the NSX, evo's, sti's but i really dislike the the recent line of supras, very heavy and its handling does not hold a candle to an Evo's or Sti's but the Supra does have more potential. Personally i think of the supra as a competitor for the skyline but not quite on par. While the Evo and the Sti are in a whole other category, they are their own worse enemies. While the NSX is not even in the same class of cars, the NSX belongs in exotic sports cars.

posted by  aerith

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