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Well, Mazda is unveiling the new MX-5 at Geneva and some specs have been leaked. Supposedly it's leaving the 1.8L behind in favor of a 2.0L unit now and it will produce 160hp and 140tq (and we all know how much fun this car is now with only 142hp). Only thing is it got bigger, a lot bigger. Best thing I believe is the new tranny choices. A 6spd manual or 6spd automatic w/paddle shift. Any expectations on the new turbocharged Mazdaspeed MX-5? I'm guessing 200hp.


posted by  thunderbird1100

the mazdaspeed miata was last year so i would have to say it wont come around for a last a few more years. they tend to alternate through their cars. I want a mazdaspeed 8 when those come out.... :mrgreen:

posted by  Low Impedance

What for...it has no extra HP or TQ...it's all suspension and aesthetics...something you could perfectly do w/o buying a Mazdaspeed RX8


posted by  NISSANSPDR

The 2.0 liter is nice and transimissiion too, but it's kinda big, and looks like S2000 and RX8 mixed together. Can't wait to see some tests.
I'm thinking of buying the 2nd gen miata right now, hope I can get it, because the time I test drove it at the dealership I fell in love with it.

posted by  RusMan

supposedly the mazdaspeed 8 was going to also have a electrically assisted turbocharger. and i think the return of the Top MIC. Which means a hood scoop. ive seen the pictures of it. looks good. balances the car out better.

posted by  Low Impedance

Well the speed miata is back out for another year and is amazing in the new colors they offer. Also i believe the speed 6 is coming out in third quarter of the year. Its gonna be nuts. 272hp and a crap load of tq for a 4 cyl turbo. AWD and 6SPD manual. Last i heard also was that they were not gonig to do a speed *. In all reality i want to see the 20b some in the RX8 and see it stomp any competition. I could be wrong on the 8 though.
If they do turbocharge them theyll still suck to deflood, maybe even worse, since people dont read the owners manual and shut them off after about 20 secs of running(assholes)

posted by  High Impedance

^^lol so true

posted by  Low Impedance

Looks alright.... but a bit small. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

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