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if you had the choice would you want the usuall left hand drive or the oriental style ~righty~?

posted by  Smokin_you

Right, just so I could go through drive-thrus in reverse.

posted by  Zalight

You know you wouldnt have to do that...if you had a girlfriend...lol


Jk w/ya man...

posted by  NISSANSPDR


Whats that throbbing pain in my side?

Oh its my pride...

posted by  Zalight

Nice slam man, and I would choose right. lmao

posted by  DSMDriver

i think it would be fun to go through drivethroughs like that... theywouldnt see it coming at all... same with the banks, or even if you get pulled over, the cop would be like "woah! what are you doin over there!"

posted by  mazda6man


posted by  DSMDriver

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