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i was wonderin if you could fit 2 subwoofers in back of the front seats? does mr2 have a trunk by the motor? does anyone have pictures of a mr2's behind the front seats? how much room is in there? what kind of a brand name makes intercooler that you could put in the front bumper of the mr2?

posted by  silvia_star

Greddy and a few other companies make a front mount intercooler for the mr2. But what generation/year is it? No the MR2 does not have a trunk in the back (the hood is the trunk). As for subs behind the seats it would be a tight fit but might be possible...

posted by  Clarkvan

sorry but you might go throught a lot of custom.

posted by  TK menace

Ow it hurts my eyes!


posted by  NISSANSPDR

you can fit small subs behind the seats of an MR2 easily and yes the MR2 has a small trunk by the motor. Alot of MR2 owners put the intercooler in the back (but this requires alot of work) as there is not much room in the front as it is taken up by the spare wheel.

go tho the MR2 owners club if you want to find out brand names and tips, they are really helpful for all things MR2

posted by  ozziemr2

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