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Hello, All..
I would like to add a 200 amp alternator to my stock Honda Civic EX 2001 and also replace the battery with an Optima absorbed glass mat battery. The Honda takes a narrow battery, normally. Any suggestions on what to get (alternator) and where to get it? Can the engine compartment be modified to accept a larger battery?

Thanks for any suggestions! Don in sunny Florida

posted by  loftydon

200 amps is overkill for any civic that not carring a 10,000 watt stereo lol....
why 200 amps? for the battery optima yellow top should carry more than enough power for a civic...but if u must keep the lager battery u can relocate it with a kit into youre trunk. you dont need the fancy battery box seeing how optima batterys are sealed tight from the factory..looking under the hood of a 2001 civic ex the only palce u could possibly hold that battery is under the factory intake tube just behind the passanger headlamp...even then you factory intakes gotta go...hope this helps

posted by  99hatch

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