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Hello guys,

I am looking for a new car and the Acura RSX is probably one of my top choices. I really like what they are doing with the car. Only gripe would probably be the torque... it is really pathetic but some people blow it way out of proportion. Other than that, the Acura RSX delivers its sharp style and Honda-esque interior flawlessly as well as a great i-vtec engine that I do like except for the above-mentioned torque.

I was just wondering what your valuable opinions are about the car itself. I want to know how you guys contrast them to... let's say:
1.) Scion tC
2.) Mazda 3s
3.) Mustang ('05)
4.) Pontiac G6
5.) VW Jetta GLI

All 2005 btw.

I mean, I keep researching and researching and I really like a lot of different features in different cars. See, if I get the RSX, I am definitely getting the Type-S. It is only a couple grand more and you get standard leather, upgraded tires, and better parts in various area. The other big question I had was, do you think the A-Spec is worth the 4000 dollars? I mean on the TL, it seems like a no brainer. I really care about performance and looks. I like to have it all I guess. Is it even available on the new 2005 models?

I was thinking about just adding the lower trim spoilers (to all sides of the car) because I can live without the lowered suspension and that huge spoiler is... I dunno if I like it or not yet.

I am not a big aftermarket fan because 90% of the time, it just doesn't work when you talk about adding spoilers and different kits right? I am bringing a lot of discussion to this thread so I will be constantly responding.

posted by  Mchoi32

1.) I've driven it, and before I did, I was a fan, I thought they were cool innovative fast and fun....Until I drove it that is. They suck don't waste your money on it.

2.) Also driven it, its all right, good motor, all-right suspension, above average clutch, ok gear box. But the RSX_S is better.

3.) Never driven so don't know.

4.) Same as 3

5.) I liked it, It had the same clunky gearbox as the GTI same interior as the golf and passat, But all around a good car. Except for the desperate need of some upgrading. But like most VWs I've driven, I knew the car was going fast, but I felt like I was just humming along. Not to exciting to drive.

As for the RSX-S.... :hi:...I love these cars! It has great handling, awesome driver feedback and control ,the steering is sharp and fun. The gearbox was precise, tight but not overly hard, and the clutch was positive with a well placed friction point. I couldn't help but smile as a drove this car, it sounds great feels great and is a blast.

posted by  Zalight

The only real comparison we have here is the RSX Type S vs. the Mustang...provided the Mustang is a lets say it is

Mustang GT vs. RSX Type S

Speed wise...the GT...handling wise...close but slight edge to the GT...if the RSX was an ITR...I would give it to the ITR...but it's a slightly portly and not as good Type S. Interior wise/styling...RSX hands down. Exterior wise...toss up. Personally I like the retro GT styling better...the RSX looks too tall for me. Reliability wise...RSX. Maintenance wise...GT cheaper to fix. RSX have fix alot less. Aftermarket...I would say that the GT has a slight edge here...since GT's are easy to mod and have plenty of options. RSX...has a few options but not as many as the GT.

If it were me buying...GT. Best bang for your buck in the category of under 25k since the WRX and SRT4.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I talked to an Acura sales guy the other day. Man, every second I thought he was either trying to BS me talking out of his ass or coaxing me or both. A regular Type - S goes for about 27,000 well equiped around here. That is about 3,000 more than I really want to pay for a car. As much as I like performance, I like crusin' in a nice looking car so I thought to myself maybe I can have less performance (kind of) and a little more stylishness. So I said no to the Acura RSX.

After test driving the Acura, I felt really light off the street. Easy cornering and handling. Great response. I felt comfortable. Well, I tried flooring it off the line and it well... is not worth the 27,000 price. a couple grand more and an STi or an evolution becomes very viable. So I thought to myself, this Acura is competing in a class where it gets dominated by the previously mentioned cars. And then it hit me! I am buying a car for myself and I havn't even graduated college yet. So I basically humbled myself and am going for a car that is under 20k.

I'll try to post a new thread about my choice.

Zalight... man I think I am still going to try out that tC. With a couple performance parts it shouldn't be too bad. It is a very delicious looking car I might add :thumbs:

posted by  Mchoi32

$27,000 is WAY above msrp on a RSX-S. MSRP on them are right at $23k and they sell for about a grand under that. The only real options on it is the A-spec package which is $4k. Did the one you looked at already have the A-spec installed? The tC is a great car for the money, but the engine is the exact same thing out of a Camry and it feels like it (very boring).

Back to the thread...

1. The tC is a great value for $16,500. But for performance it truely sucks if that's what you're looking for. As aforementioned, the engine is the same four cylinder out of the Camry.

2. The Mazda 3s is a really fun car. It's nice on the inside and out but is out of the RSX-S league. It's in the league of the base RSX.

3. The new Mustang is wholeheardtly better than the generation going out in every way. The GT is the model you MUST spring for which will end up being around $22k-$23k for a base GT. I drove both the GT and V6 and the GT is a blast. The V6 remains a POS secretary car as it uses the same 4.0L V6 out of the Explorer and is REALLY unrefined, underpowered and just plain boring.

4. The G6 I have not drove but really to me is the most uninspiring of all these cars mentioned. It's not going to be sporty at all and the engine is again underpowered for it's size (dammit GM needs to make more good OHC V6's and get RID of the OHV layout).

5. I've driven a 1.8T Jetta and it was quite fun. Although I can imagine the 2.5L five banger GLI being really boring with only 160hp or whatever it is. And the typical VW problems will be there.

All in all I believe it comes down to the RSX-S and the GT. It all depends on what you want. You can make either car rediculously fast( RSX-S look to cybernation motorsports and GT look out for a place that has turbo kits for the new 3v 4.6) and good handling (both are good handling out of the box though). If you want more luxury inside and better quality all around spring for the RSX-S. If you want flat out performance, spring for the GT.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Dude go for RSX its hott ladies love it.

posted by  slvracurarsx03

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