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Hi i been reading all the asian import threads and amazed that you guys havent posted anything on the Subaru Impreza. They are cheaper than the Skyline Mistubishi evo 8, cheaper to run as well, but they can go quicker. I have had one for 2 years and I have had lots of fun. I have raced Skylines and beat them....

here is a pic to prove how fast the scooby really is.and i still had 20 mph left to go.

have fun in life and buy a Subaru..in 2 years i spent money on just tyres and a dump valve

posted by  fukwit

i love the 2.5 RS but im poor. my cars have all cost less than 1.5K...skylines...eh...no. honestly, i would rather have a 2.5RS anyway.

posted by  Low Impedance

The Impreza...strictly speaking like that...is weak here...2.5 liters 160 some odd HP...I would rather have a WRX or STi over the NA one...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Some people talk about the STi here. Not usually the stock Impreza. The STi can beat many Mitsubishis, not the EVO MR I believe, and is a good car, but more people on this forum are Mitsubishi fans, so few talk about the STi. You are right they are good cars, and they are quick. What kind of Impreza do you have? Is it the 2.5RS? Or do you have a WRX? :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

so the Mitsubishi Evolution MR is faster then an WRX STI??
if so can you guys explain to me why? becuz then the EVO only has 276 HP and the subaru has 300..and looks to me as if the STI is ligheter also
( comparing both STOCK cars. no mods)

posted by  vuhuynh109

Only thing you can say is that, on a track, the stock MR is faster than the STi because the MR has proven time and time again, it has better handling around corners. Probably the design. The STi has more power but HP isn't everything...

posted by  Mchoi32

hopefully i can post my video in here

This is a video of a standard impreza ,(2.0litre turbo) its got 230bhp but is quick as hell and cheap too as this video proves. It says in the manual that it can only go 144mph but thats a lie..it goes faster.

posted by  fukwit

HP, when that close. Has very little to do with the car being faster. The Evo MR is only faster by a few milli-seconds. Who gives a shit about 1/10th of a second? Seriously this Evo STi thing is getting really old. In a contest of two cars that will ultimatley always come out throwing down within mere split seconds of each other the stats don't mean anything.

I don't care if an Evo can get to 60mph faster than an STi or that an STi can get through the 1/4th faster. The two are so close the only thing that really seperates them are their looks.

If you're going to compare them, you'd be better off talking about the interior. Because as far as I'm concerned winning by an inch is'nt winning at all, contrary to what muscular bald men in F&F movies would have you believe.

posted by  DSMer

Thats true. Most people see that the times are slightly different, VIII vs. STi STi wins, people just go to the insides. That is why the Evos win often. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

The interiors on both the cars suck ass. The new 2005 VW GTi has a full black leather interior. Thats how the Subaru's interior should be. Luxery black leather racing seats with Blue STi Monograms in the headrest. The Evo should also had full luxery black leather racing seats. The interiors(while nice), just don't cut it. If the GTi were AWD and competetive with the EVO and STi it would win everytime just for the simple fact it has a nicer interior.

posted by  DSMer

i agree with that, they arent powerful enuf

posted by  gtr_man

they suck

posted by  gtr_man

That is very true. I believe that if they had nicer interiors they would A) loose some of thier "down to basics" racing feel, and B) cost more. Those two reasons are probably why they wont do it. I would agree it would be nice though. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

When you sit inside of a full black leather Corvette C6 does it "feel" any less racier? How about looking at pictures of a Ferrari Modena with fully leather dash with seats? Does the Enzo look like any less of a sports car because it has fine italian lether. How about a custom hotrod, do they look any slower because the interior is nice?

Nice interior is something that is shared from all car genres. Be it sports or luxery. Any car can have a nice leather interior and now be downlplayed on its original intent.

And do you really think that it cost more for Mitsubishi to buy leather in bulk an manufacture their own racing seats rather than go through RECARO to buy THEIR seats?

posted by  DSMer

Yeah, but the sti and evo aren't meant to look flashy or sleak like the C6 or Ferrari Modena, they're simply made to be quick and agile, and they do that very well that is why they sell, but if you want something with an interior like a C6 or Ferrari Modena then buy a C6 or Ferrari Modena, because those cars are known for their class, not for their potential racing ability. And as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, you pay for a luxury car thats what you get, nothing more. However if you pay for a race car..... well i'll let you figure out the rest.

posted by  240SXSR20DET

Thats true. I dont think they are supposed to be luxury though. They are looking for the rice drivers who put large exhaust on and arent really conserned about comfort.

posted by  StiMan

No person whos driving a car is'nt concerned about comfort. Even drag racers who have to be in their tight cars for only a few seconds would like to have just a tad bit more comfort. You expect me to believe that someone whos excpeted to buy a car for everday driving use is not going to care about comfort? Again, people who drive Corvettes still have "comfortable" leather seats. They guy who owns 7 Porsches still has a "comfortable" interior in his 911's.

posted by  DSMer

I guess that is true. The fact of the matter is that they chose performance over comfort. If one wants better seats they will just have to spring for the extra cost difference. Comfort is important to me, but I think that having high performance partially makes up for that. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

The boys at Mitsubishi when designing the evo MR, tried their best to make the car as light weight and cheap as possible. Take a look at the rims, their extremely light . I was watchin a car show the other day and the duds were testing out the evo mr. It is said that this is about the only car that can turn corners with out slowin down too much. For that kind of performance and handlin i don't mind the discomfort. :wink2:

posted by  speeder

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