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I'm looking to buy a new blow off valve for my 95 GSX. I've narrowed it down to the APEXi and the GReddy. I think that the APEXi will work just as good if not better than the GReddy and that if I bought the GReddy I'd just be paying extra for the name but I want to see if anyone here has any experience with either of these two BOV's and could offer up some advice. If you have another one that you think I am overlooking feel free to give me some info.

posted by  Swift

by working better you mean louder? cuz i doubt your pushing enough boost that it really matters what kind of BOV you have... but, if i were to choose, id say the HKS BOV

posted by  mazda6man

No I mean that I've heard some stories from a few people that I have very little value for their opinion about the GReddy BOV. I am looking for the loudest one but I don't want it to be a cheap piece of crap. So basically I am asking if anyone can justify the difference in price of the 2. Why would you choose the HKS?

posted by  Swift

Typical thinking of a simple mind. A BOV relieves air so a louder one must be more effective. Or are you just so caught up in a world of what looks and sounds good that you'd rather pick from two lesser blow off choices. Save yourself the trouble, get a Tial. The HKS and Greddy are extremly overpriced due to their names. The Tial offers the same functioning , if not better, as the HKS and GReddy.

Some very simple research would have concluded this...

posted by  DSMer

Gee, thanks. Yes, that was sarcastic. Also, why do the research when I have you as a workhorse. Thanks again buddy! By the way, next time you try and figure out the anatomy of my thought process try and get it right. Slacker!

posted by  Swift

Do BOVs give you any extra hp or tq? and what sensors are used on it for it to work

posted by  CarEXPERT

No CarEXPERT, they don't give you any extra HP or TQ, and if they do its very, very, very minimal. It works on pressure sensors. When you accelerate a car with a turbo motor air is being pushed from the turbo into the TB. Once the TB closes, there is still a considerable ammount of "allready turboed" air within the intake tract. If that pressurized air were to remain in there it could travel downards back towards the impellers of the turbo and damage them. So before that can happen the BOV opens and relieves the pressurized air within the intake tract and thats where you get the "PSSHHH" noise. The higher pressure turboed air escaping to a lower ambient air pressure.

posted by  DSMer

i like my non-atmospheric BOV. no one knows whats coming. :mrgreen:

posted by  Low Impedance

HKS super sequential blow off.. best bet bud

posted by  4g63

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