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i was wondering. what is faster and EVO MR edition or the WRX STI? please explain also. ( comparing both STOCK. no mods)

posted by  vuhuynh109

ok dude, the wrx sti is faster than the evo. consumer reports did a study on a bunch of sports cars 30g and under, and the sti came out on top. the evo came in a close second but the wrx out handled accelerated and just overall performance.

posted by  SandMan05

This topic has allready been discussed over and over and over again. The margin of difference between any of the cars is marginal. There is'nt really anything to debate about. But if you'd like to maybe you should try searching for the topic that has allready been discussed 100 times over and add your 2cents to it...

posted by  DSMer

What like the evo doesn't have awd?

The evo has always outperformed the sti in handling. Always. The Sti is faster in a straight line though.

BUt i would choose the MR over the STi. I used to prefer the subbie, but I have converted.

posted by  Zalight

Why would straight line performance even matter to a Rally car? Yes it is evidently true that the Evo outhandles the STi, but its not by miles. Given two competetive drivers running the same track, I one would be able to beat the other an equal ammount of times.

posted by  DSMer

I know that these two cars are close, and I know that they only out perform eachother in different areas by very little. Im just saying the evo does outperform the STi in handling.

posted by  Zalight

Both of them are really good. I think it must have been a really close competition. I heard that the STI has a computer that handles the cars performance ver well in steering and all. Is it true or just hot air? :ticking:

posted by  speeder

It is true. It is because the STi has that system and the Evo doesnt that two are different.

The Evo handles better because it is lighter, I believe. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

The evo MR weighs 3300 lbs, the STi weighs 3263 lbs.

posted by  Zalight


Motor trends EvoMr vs Sti test. It was very close indeed with the Evo coming out the slight favorite. Speeds were about dead even if I remember correctly. The Sti is faster from the gun though, it reaches 40 mph a few tenths of a second faster. They both reach 60 at the same time then the Evo reaches top speeds quicker.

posted by  vicious

Nice. Got owned again. I just dont know that much about Evos. What can I say. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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