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Type: 1.8 L (1834 cc), DOHC, Inline 4 cylinder, 16 valves
Compression ratio: 9.2 : 1
Engine code: B18A1
Horsepower: 130 @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 121 lbs.-ft. @ 5000 rpm
Drive Type: FWD
Redline: 6600 rpm

DO u think this is good to keep for now stock or should i swap it i need yalls opinion on this

posted by  littleblackcar

For drag racing musclecars? Not anywhere near enough. For autocrossing? Just fine. For daily driving, you don't need more.

Before you start talking about swaps, you really need to determine a few things. Firstly, what do you really want out of any car, much less this one? Can you survive on one project car for the inevitable time that the car is taken apart? Do you need to use the car as a daily driver or at least regular street driver when it's done? How much money can you spend on it? How much labor can you give to it? Are you looking for a fun street driver, or a race car? And if so, what kind of racing?

posted by  ChrisV

im talking about enough to shut up some of the other honda civics and integras around here up about 3 or 4grand right now i can spend i want to street racer

posted by  littleblackcar

Forget street racing. It's for poseurs who don't want to find out theri 13 seocnd car actually runs 16 second quarter miles. The occasionall stoplight run up to teh speedlimit can be fun, but actual street racing is just a waste of time and money. There's always someoen out there that will have more money, time, and skill than you, and if you're using a popular combo, they will be too. There's nothing cheap to do to a popular model like yours that hasn't already been hought of and done a bunch of times (and likely in your area).

3-4 grand isn't quite enough to do a quality turbo kit, and a simple engine swap to an LS VTEC hybrid might still run too much and not get you what you want. Nitrous is cheap, but it's not going to be enough to do what you want, either. if you had enogh skil I'd say you could BUILD a turbo setup, but if you had the skill to do it, you probably wouldn't have asked for advice here...

posted by  ChrisV

how to beat a honda? get a car that isnt a honda :) easy win


u can either swap fer one of those other jdm goodie engines
or u could turbo it? low comp pistons, good sized turbo. how many miles u gots on ur car? and do u take care of it becuse turbo'n n old high milage engine will definetly die quickly @_@

posted by  DIZZYDORI

does anyoone know about the law of swapping engines? Does the law say you cant swap a engine that is a lower year than the car? Like can you swap in a b18b1 into an RSX and will it be legal to do it?

posted by  CarEXPERT

I agree with ChrisV and add that street racing is an idiotic and dangerous pastime.

posted by  Wally

I dont, racing in the street is more funner

posted by  CarEXPERT

me either, i also think the street racing more fun, more thrill for those of us who like adrenaline rushes, cant really beat street racing

posted by  z4k9

Depends on where you are Not just what state, but what county. In some places, you can't swap in an engine older than your car. Others say it has to at least have all the emissions equipment of the year of the car. Others simply don't care. In some states, it's easy to get around, in others not so much. Back where I was in Washington state, I could put a 1967 Ford SOHC 427 in a brand new Mustang and no one would care. In Los Angeles, it wouldn't be possible. Here in Maryland, there must be loopholes, as the law says it has to be the year of the car or newer, but I already know of a carbed, early Chevy 350 powered '87 RX7 street car, and a 460 powered '86 Thunderbird street driver.

posted by  ChrisV

I live in california so for example can I swap in a B16a into a 2002 civic si and be legal?

posted by  CarEXPERT

I love the wonderful use of rhetorical strategies and clever play on proper grammar you have there.


posted by  Zalight

Why would you want to? The K series engine in the Civic SI is very strong and makes the more power (170 hp, 130 tq compared to 158 hp, 111 tq).

But if you wanted to you probably could. I don't think a cops going to ask you to pop the hood after he pulls you over to make sure that your engine is the right year.

posted by  Zalight

The cop won't, but in California the annual emissions inspection station will check, and if the car isn't legally done, you don't get to renew your registration.

posted by  ChrisV

I think the cars a pice unless i know what it is. What you have a geo metro with a big block!!!!!!! What type of car is it? more info!!!!!!!!! :doh:

posted by  toyota

its a black civic hatch, and it has a b18a1 in it. He says so in a different thread.

posted by  Zalight

I know you dumbass. I just asked if you CAN HAVE A OLDER ENGINE(B16A) INTO A RSX(K20A3) and it can still be LEGAL if all the emissions is good and the smog thing. And I live in california.
ChrisV, so if you have it legally done, will it still be legal to swap in an older engine into a newer car?

posted by  CarEXPERT

And I answered you, you pre-pubesent, defensive, obtuse, immature asshole.

You could do it, it just would have to pass emissions and registration requirements (at least thats how it is in new mexico), How anout you go to the california MVD website and e-mail somebody and ask them, I mean, we are not all experts on california emissions laws.

posted by  Zalight

a skyline could beat that without upgrades

posted by  gtr_man

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