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first off i just wanna say hi (this is my first post)

now my question

i have a 94' Galant and i wanted to make it the most awesomest car ever... its already cool it just needs some body work a new engine/trans. but since im just startin out with all the racin scene i was wondering what kind of engine/tranni/exaust kit/engine parts you get the idea b/c basically if you tell me a b19b is better than a b16a all i know is that ur talking about an engine.... not much else... ty

posted by  Tex71x

:banghead: if its already cool, dont do anything else to it and if it JUST needs some body work, new engine, new tranny.....whats there to left.....dude get a new car.

posted by  slvracurarsx03

yes but what kind of engine or engine parts.... just tell me whats good....
and by calling my car awesome it is better to say it has potential

posted by  Tex71x

i blew up my old engine a couple weeks ago but then i spent 1000 bucks to get a new one put in.... i just want a high performance

posted by  Tex71x

I got a 00 galant es with sds and I'm looking at selling the sds and getting the AAI turbo kit for it. As far as your galant goes, there are a few different things you can do. I mean it really is up to how much bank you got and how much you want to spend. There's a 5 speed swap (I did it to my galant, much better response), 4g63t swap ( suggest going with the 90-91 4g63t's out of T/E/L, far less worry about crankwalk), there's a 6a12 swap (which I don't know much about but I know a few people that have done it), body kits among other things. I have a good spot for you to check out so check your PM.

posted by  Swift

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