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Here's a question that I think Vwhobo will enjoy.(or anybody else)

What kind of an engine does the new Mini Cooper have,and whose design is it,and where is it made,and by what engine building company is it built?

posted by  vwmaniac

I don't get it, is this supposed to be a trick question? The car is 100% BMW. It's a Mini Cooper in name only.

See the real thing below.

posted by  vwhobo

Sorry vwhobo,but you are wrong.
The new Mini Cooper is not 100% BMW.
The engine is a 1.6l four-cylinder.Which for sure you already know.
Though the engine has nothing to do with BMW.It is a Chrysler design that is built in Brazil,by Tritec.
The engine was designed in Detroit, for overseas models of neons and PT Cruisers.

posted by  vwmaniac

wow vwmaniac. you really impressed us..... :?

im still in the dark as to why you posted this. I would call it spam. :rolleyes:

posted by  SuperJew

Nah,it's not spam.I just wanted to see peoples replies to this question.

THough I personally really like that new BMW Mini Cooper,though when I found out that it's engine isn't BMW's,then I kind of felt dissapointed.

posted by  vwmaniac

This is spam. :D

posted by  vwmaniac

no this is spam ha ha ha ha

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

Yes I am and you are 100% correct. Thank you for clarifiying that for me. ;)

posted by  vwhobo

No problem.

posted by  vwmaniac

Intresting, lol i`v always liked Minis for some sort of reason, they are sporty small, and easy to park lol

posted by  carlover

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