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It sat for five years. I have flushed out the fuel lines, drained the gas tank, cleaned the filters, put fresh diesel in it, bought the owners manual and found out that diesels are very different than normal cars. It took awhile, but I finally got it started. I'm only running on two good glow plugs because when i disconnect the first three glow plugs the glow plug light comes on. When it started it felt a little rough, the engine sounded loud, knocking. I'm not sure if this is normal because diesels sound like they are knocking. Puffs of black smoke come out as I hit 300,000 rpms. And would go away at idle. At idle a white smoke would come out but the knocking continued. After running for ten to fifteen minutes and reving up periodically the black smoke reduced. While reving the engine, the knocking would reduce.
My question is: Is it supose to knock like that? Is it supose to blow out smoke? The book tells me I have no timing ignition to do on diesels. Can not find a way to tune it up. Any insite on this would be helpful. Thank you!

posted by  ttittan

my dad has that exact car, 83 300sd

you can get 40+ to the gallon if you change turbo timings but then it is super slow

posted by  325iSe30

you definitely arent hitting 300 000 rpms.......

i think you must mean 3000

my dads runs smooth as silk and doesnt emit any black smoke

nor does it knock....

the only insight i can provide....is that sounds bad

try posting in the technical support/repairs forum

posted by  325iSe30

I just got the same car. Could you tell me please how did you get the onwer manual? Thanks in advance
My e-mail is: asangus@msn.com

posted by  asangus

Newsflash. This thread is 17 months old and the dude hasn't posted since. Somehow I doubt he's gonna respond to you. Just a hunch. :roll:

posted by  vwhobo

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