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ok...so i have my first car and it's amazing. i really love my jetta, it runs smooth, and it's a five-speed. but i'd like to, uh, trick it out a little.

any ideas for how to make it go any faster and look any nicer?

who makes the best body kits for jettas?

how much should all of this cost me?

advice would be appreciated...my car is going to be my project for a while.


posted by  JettaChic

where was your jetta asambled??? I lot of VW are made in mexico..That is why I don't like those cars anymore.

posted by  mumin

What engine you got in your Jetta?



Here's some good ideas


I know Oettinger makes probably something

posted by  NISSANSPDR

What's wrong with "made in Mexico"? There are some Nissan cars made in Mexico too and they are great cars.

posted by  ed_7702

Why the hell does that matter?
They use the same parts, experience, tools, etc. :banghead: :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

yeah, it was assembled in mexico. but i still love my car.

posted by  JettaChic

engine= 2.0 liter (actually 1983 cc), 115 horsepower
kinda weak. :(

posted by  JettaChic

You could fit it with a turbocharger and inercooler, remus tailpipe those 2.0 vw engines are pretty tough and you coud draw about 200bhp if you put 6000 dolars into it.

posted by  MultiJet

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