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Which would i get more out of in terms of performance, pleasure and pride of owning?
What can I hope to get for 20-30k aswell including spending on mods?

posted by  want_a_skyline

Which years are we talking about...

Well I am going to assume you mean the current ones...the E46 M3 and the S4 w/the V8 in it. Problem is right off the bat...they are different...you got a coupe and a sedan...one RWD, one AWD. So I really think it comes down to where you live...since I never see snow, but I do see rain...I would probably get the M3 w/some nice tires that have water channels...maybe some bf Goodrich KDW's. If I was to live up north in the snowy weather, the S4 would be a no brainer for the winter.

Mods wise...the M3 has probably a better aftermarket than the V8 S4 does...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

20-30k wont buy you either unless you are buying like '99 or earlier

posted by  325iSe30

ahh ok. will just wait then till the newer models fall in price then

posted by  want_a_skyline


Why? i dont know, i have no supporting facts, so dont flame on me :ohcrap:

posted by  Ki2AY

keep dreaming man, 20-30k is not going to give you squat. If you are talking about prestige, the M3 is the classic icon of BMW engineering. They both are fast, and on a track the Audi is supposedly 1 second faster but on a straight away race, the BMW shines. It is less heavy than that V8 turbo monster.

If you ever saw that video on the internet of the S4 vs. M3 then you would know what each car can do. The S4 was pretty much described as a gentle monster. Able to perform when it wants to and with the quattro, really didn't have a problem tackling sharp corners and harsh weather. The M3 was described as a mean ugly monster that pretty much tackled all kinds of road with aggressive performance. Since it is RWD, it showed some slippage compared to the Audi but that is what makes a car so fun to drive. The S4 really tries to keep the car in control even if you don't want to while the M3 really lets you rip it.

That is one of the biggest complaints in the new 2006 BMW 3-series. With DSC, LSD, and tons of other computer controlled safety measures, you feel like you're not even in the driver's seat. Any mistakes you make, the car corrects it without even telling you.

posted by  Mchoi32

personally i driven M3, i race my car, i used every day and i really happy. Never a S4 win to me a race, no in the streets, no in the Track, i now about Quattro its fantastic, more the Performance of the M3 its...Great.
(ex owner of a 2001 Audi TT)

posted by  Ginode

ummm...Where are you from Ginode?

posted by  Zalight

we seem to have a fair few BMW nuts in here so i'm just gonna a give shout out for the legendary audi.. the s4 is an icon.. V8.. that says it all.. there should be no more doubts in your mind.. it just simply runs smoother.. as for finding where to find double your money to but one i wish i could help you because the s4 is underbought and under appreciated so the more on the road the better...
p.s to all m3 lovers... :fu: there not that fast!!.. lets be realistic about it

posted by  quazzieIMI

Thats bullshit, mostly.

I would go with the Audi because we have a A4 3.0 CVT Cab, and it is great. The M3 is the icon of the sports car class in my mind, but the Audi is a much more.... distinctive car. More people have M3s than A4s. Save your money and wait to get the RS4 when it comes to the US in a few years. Or get a S4 now. Or wait and get the S3. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

m3, no doubt

posted by  Jay-G


Do you have an S4?

Wanna race?

The 2.7liter twin turbo S4 (the one comparable to the e36) makes 250hp and 258 lbft. And wieghs 3593 lbs.

With my intake I make 258HP and 259 lbft. plus I only weigh 3175lbs.

HMMMMM...more power less weight. I wonder who will win?

posted by  Zalight

Go with the beamer. Legendary badge, performance to boot, bmw engineering, and you don't see them as much as the s4

posted by  TurboLag

I still wanna race the A-hole n the S4....

posted by  Zalight

The S4, RS6, S8, almost every audi weighs too much. Not a good sign for a performance car but the luxury interior and features in audis are unmatched.

posted by  importluva

zalight, what year is your m3? i like the e36 the best and the 99 is my fav.

posted by  Jay-G

Its the 1999, and has the sport/premium package. Which is just the spoiler, the rims, and the Harmon Kardon sound system.

posted by  Zalight

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