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Honestly, I love this car. Not just that, I detail them to make my college money. I think I am going to get one. I decided since I can get them at dealer invoice, it would be an amazing deal.

What do you guys think?
Right now, I have the sports package, cold weather package and limited slip differential.

At 23,000 MSRP.

I guess, the look of the car has a very stereotypical vibe to it. (a girl car, a wimpy car, etc etc.) I don't really care, they are fun as hell to drive.

This goes well with the Miata sticky post.

posted by  Mchoi32

I love the mini cooper S, I have driven them twice. Amazing cars. When your going around turn the car seems to know exactly what you want to do, there is no over or understeer, it just goes where you point it.

When I first drove it, the car went around turns at speeds I thought would be physically impossible. the acceleration is amazing, the steering is perfect, driver position is great, and the pedals were set up perfectly for heel-toe shifting. All in all, this was the most fun Ive ever had driving a front wheel drive car, and the only rear wheel drive I have driven that was better, was the BMW ///M coupe.

posted by  Zalight

I agree. I think it is amazing and its strength is in its ability to handle aggressive roads at high speeds. The stock suspension is a notch above any other stock suspension and the sports package gets you even stiffer ones.

I love the 6 gear transmission, I don't think I can go back to 5-speed because I hate how they put it in the 6th gear spot. I never liked that. I like its very low center of gravity as well.

All black is too sexy to pass up.

posted by  Mchoi32

Woah man....I don't know about people you know, but I have never met a single person who doesn't love the new mini, guys included. Its an amazing car with a broad appeal.

posted by  Mathew

I love driving small cars, and I definitely love the Mini ;)

posted by  Spitsign

I love the car to begin with. But now since BMW is getting rid of the Supercharger in favor of two turbo (one N/A base model) models, I want one even more.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I love the cars, too. They're just expensive for what you get. Could get a Mustang GT for the price of a Mini.. hmmm... :roll:

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

You forgot an important potential response on your poll. Who cares?

posted by  vwhobo

Oh sorry, I thought people who didn't care wouldn't vote so... :clap:

posted by  Mchoi32

Umm, not really. Mustang GT is 29,000 and a well equiped Mini is 23,000. Add the John Cooper and it bumps up to 26,500.

Why is everyone obsessed with the new Mustang? It didn't even meet the emissions standard. As well as the worst suspension still.

posted by  Mchoi32

Well, I thought that was what most people who didn't know much about cars except for if they either liked it or not would think.

posted by  Mchoi32

Haha, yah right, GT's go for between 24,000 and 25,000 generally.

Everybody is obsessed with them, well, because they're nice, powerful, cheap and good cars. They'll lay it to that mini in every category if you put the two side by side. Though I do like the Minis, but why buy a toy when you can get the real thing for the same price?

You do realize what you just said, right? About the emissions? Do you not realize they absolutely have to meet the standards to pass? Other than that, the mustang GT is VERY good, by far surpasses the standards. They make more than 50 percent less than last years model ("Ultra-Low Vehicle II" I think it's classed as, don't quote me on that though), enough said. Don't know where you heard that BS from, or do you just want to rag on the Mustang?

Also the new Mustangs have very good suspension in them to say the least, you're the first person I've ever heard rag on the suspension too. You've never even driven one, so you shouldn't tear it down like you are.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Wow 26,000 for a GT? That is a nice deal I guess. Oh wait, that is if you don't get any options. Well then I'd still rather get a nicely equipped Mini for 23,000.

I dunno, V8 is just too much for me. You got to think about the extra fuel costs as well as the extra insurance costs as well as mainentance, oil changes which is free for a mini but the Ford warranty is not as good. If you don't think a V8 is expensive to maintain then atleast realize the mini is an INLINE 4, which takes almost no effort to maintain.

You also said,

I've driven a V6. I guess I would assume you knew I drove when when I said the suspension sucks. I don't just pull it out of my ass. It still is a solid axle suspension which still sucks to any other Japanese or European car out there. (this might not be true, but don't take me literally. I am not making fun of you or nothing when I say I don't like the suspension.) I assume you didn't make the car so stop taking my dislike of a car's suspension to a new level of uncertainty.

The car does one thing good, and that is it can go fast straight. But when you put it through winding curves and hills, I wouldn't bet my life or my insurance on it.

Sorry I upset your precious Mustang.

Final word: We live in a world of turns, curves, hazards, and congested traffic. You want what you want but I want a car that has better handling, features like limited slip and DSC, and great gas mileage. Because I'd rather buy a mini and burn the extra 3000 grand I saved rather than buy a Mustang GT.

posted by  Mchoi32

The new Mini's rock. I have a pretty tall frame and I fit inside just fine, and the motor is so silky smooth, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what I can put it in. I may have to build an Ariel Atom type vehicle to put that sweet little powerplant in... or maybe I'll buy Mini someday, regardless, I was very blown away by how it drives and handles (it was an "S").

Yeah, I have a serious problems with Mustangs as well... but I can't deny the bang-for-buck on the newest iteration.

Mustang GT: 0-60... 5.3sec.... ~$25K
Porsche Boxster S: 0-60... 5.3sec... ~$53K

Um... Yeah, pretty good deal performance wise. But, you'll still be the envy of every sorority girl (not because your car's fast and they respect it, but because your car's cute and they want one).

posted by  Bino

Probably the truest thing you've said.

Are you on crack? it takes exactly the same effort to maintain a stock V8 as it does to maintain a stock I4. Well, you DO have to expend a couple extra minutes every hundred thousand miles changing 4 more spark plugs.. BFD.

I've driven a V6. I guess I would assume you knew I drove when when I said the suspension sucks. I don't just pull it out of my ass.[/quote]

The V6 is not the GT. I've driven both, however, and both are actually quite good.

You know this might not be true, yet you want to state it.. that makes you an ignorant hater with zero clue, that would rather spout bullsh*t than be a well rounded automotive enthusiast.

That's because you are a below aveage driver. There's a reason the Mustangs have been successful road racers for decades (and beat the BMW M3s their first event this year at the Daytona Grand Am Cup). ive' driven live axle cars for decades on back roads, windy mountain roads, and road race courses. You'd have to be completely incompetent not to be able to drive the new Mustang rapidly in those situations. Of course, you shouldn't be driving 10/10ths on public roads, and on the race track, ther'e s few bumps...


Still even the car in my sig has a live axle... IRS is great for a cushy ride on really bad roads. I've had it in a number of street cars and race cars, but it certainly ins't necessary. Especially since SVT found that the revised live axle actually works better than last year's top IRS Cobra, as well as being cheaper, lighter overall, and doens't have axle hop problems in the high power versions.

Good for you. I love Minis, and wouldn't mind having a Cooper S. Hell, I love the original Mini. I've had a lot of small cars, and a lot of high power cars. But your post shows you to be not very open minded or very knowledgeable. the Musntag has a limited slip available and traction control, but who really needs DSC?

Your problem is that you seem to feel you have to insullt everything that isn't your favorite in order to justify liking the car you do. Your poll shows that, it's either the best thing in the world or it's utter garbage.


posted by  ChrisV

Nicely put ChrisV... :clap:

posted by  Bino

Bang on. Nicely done.

Notice there's two mustangs in that picture, one in front of the BMW, and one behind.

I4's have just as many problems as a V8, actually, I'd prefer a low revving V8 over a high revving I4 any-day.

You nailed pretty much everything right on, so I have nothing to add, good job :thumbs:

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Im not going to bash the mustang, but, I would rather have a mini cooper S. Now, that having been said, I havent ever driven the new mustangs, GT or V6. The reason I can make my choice without having driven the mustang is because the mustang just isn't my style.

My friend has a 2002 mustang GT with bigger fuel injectors, CAI and a High flow Cat back that sounds amazing. I have been in his car many-a-time when he decides to powerslide or burnout. And I was also in his car when he raced my brothers '93 RX-7. His car is very fast, and sounds awesome, but I like the mini SO much more.

Its not ass fast in a straight line, but I would put his car against up against the Mini in the twisties any day. As I said before, the Mini did things I literally thought were impossible beforehand. Like going around a 90 degree turn at 50 miles an hour without losing any grip or experiencing any over or understeer.

Plus, I just think the Mini cooper S is just so damn sexy!

posted by  Zalight

HAHAHA that vehicle above is what one calls a shitbox. That is not a mini That is a BMW! That is a big hunk of shit. Grrr

These are what you call a mini Cooper S, and yes you do wants one, very much
http://www.motorenimages.com/photos/events/hershey-hillclimb/page1/c-reel-m ini-cooper-s.jpg

so there you have it. Beautiful proper!! mini cooper s's
I hope you have shifted your mind, as you should have

posted by  CAMEL

We all realize that it's a BMW. A shitbox? So, you're trying to say a Mini is better in every way than the M3? Now, my friends, THAT is ignorance.

Actually, you've made me despise the Mini and its followers more if anything.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

We were not talking about the old shchool minis, we were talking about the BMW "shitboxes". Which are anything but.

posted by  Zalight

Dont get me wrong, i like the mini's. I wouldnt spend 23 grand on it, but if i ever got one givin to me, i'd gladly accept it. ........................................................................... ............................................NOW STOP BASHING MY 'STANGS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by  jdubya

Well done for not caring. But does every post have to agree with you to be relevent. If so, then good job.

No i dont think he said anything to tear down that Mustang? Why would you care enough to think that anyway, it seems he is one of a few?

What is the point of having a huge car when you can't legally test it out, often. Did you feel tough when you were driving rapidly through back roads, windy mountain roads and so on, ridiculously endangering lives, as you seem to have said you did? And the poll options dont degenerate any other cars at all, but good on you for having that view, you are welcome to.

Ok so i suppose that what i said about the BINI wasn't needed, that is becasue MOST, id say all, but maybe that wouldnt be correct, of you arent in communities where the mini and BINI are of a frequent occurence. There is a friendly rivalry between old and new minis, with both having much respect for each type of vehicle. They are both super fun to drive and a good car.
So despite as i may seem i wasnt having a go at anyone, any car, but thats alright, you prolly dont understand or dont need to understand.

But, hell yes the BINI is an expensieve vehicle. Upto $50,000 here for some models. Way to much for any car. You would be better of on getting a '60's cooper s and watch the value soar, as it currently is. BINI's will probably become too common, and they wont be worth a cracker in a few years. But, that is the way things go. So have fun

Oh, and good on you for despising the mini, I hope you continue to have a great time with doing that, and merry Christmas. Im sorry, but many many millions, dont share your view here, but you are allowed to have, just cause you can.

I didnt mention M3 anywhere. Bugger me i dont even know what an M3 is.
I like BMW's. You have no idea how much id love a 1936 326, or a '39 321, or the like. They are great cars.

hmmm cars are so much fun to drive, look at, smell, listen to, read about, write about, and have huge shit fights about bagging other peoples cars that they like. Well done everyone, and myself, most entertaining, tis a good thing that there is competition and disagreements It keeps industry and the world a healthy place.

Go the mighty P76!!

So ummm thanks for listening.

By the way, that Mustang is one bloody sweet looking vehicle, ive never seen one before. Very nice.
In an Aussie Collector car magazine recently, they had a competition and the prize was a completely, restorted '65 Mustang Coupe, LHD 289, worth 30 Grand. Unfortunately i didnt win, but it was a ripper.


posted by  CAMEL

Well, actually, no. But then where did I say that it did or that I "don't agree with" the post? I simply stated an obvious fact. So, let's turn that question around. Does every post have to agree with YOU to be relevant? I ask that because you certainly seem to have a laundry list of posts that you take exception too. Maybe you're just entitled to operating on both sides of a double standrd.

I hope that means you're leaving. If so, hoopty doo.

posted by  vwhobo

I didn't even mention the Mustang. You were implying that a Mini is a much better car than an M3 in your post, despite my hatred for european and japanese vehicles, I know what's good and what's crap. And sir, your Mini falls under the "crap" designation compared to an M3.

Who said you can't legally test it out? Last time I heard you could accellerate as fast as you want without doing a peel-out/burn-out. Not everything's about top-speed. Hell, and you have the capability of getting a rush outta the car every now and then, which I can't say for the Mini. You've never lived until you've broken a law.. or eighty.

The Mini and all small cars such as the Beetle and Smart car are just too far ahead to be accepted in the current state-of-mind of the people. People don't want tiny little vehicles right now, they want safety and gas isn't a massive issue yet, until it is, they won't be accepted by the people.

I know I may sound like a hater of the car, but I am not. I really do like the cars. but there are much, much better cars out there for the price. .

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

WTF? Where did this attack come from?

"Ridiculously endanger lives?" Where the f*ck did you get that from?? I said:

"I've driven live axle cars for decades on back roads, windy mountain roads, and road race courses. You'd have to be completely incompetent not to be able to drive the new Mustang rapidly in those situations. Of course, you shouldn't be driving 10/10ths on public roads, and on the race track, ther'e s few bumps."

Didn't I SAY you shouldn't be driving 10/10ths on the street?? How do you derive "ridiculously endangering lives" from driving rapidly? And didn't I talk about driving on the track? Why couldn't your supreme intellect deduce that what I talked about driving really fast, THAT'S where I was talking about????? An out of the blue insult from an aussie. Wonderful.

Other than the last choice in the poll, which requires you to think of it godlike, the rest are against it. One that says it's too ugly to like. One that says you like it even THOUGH it's ugly, and two that basically say you woukldn't get it because it's nothing special. That means that there's no middle ground between worshipping it and thinking it's ugly.

Where's the choice that says, it's a good looking car that is a relatively fun bargain? There are no shades of grey. Four choices not picking it, and one choice that requires you to be utterly enthralled by it. Why isn't there a choice like, " I like the way it looks, and would buy it, even though it needs more power? Why isnt' there a choice that says, "it may only be as good as everything else in most areas, but it's attractive enough that I'd like it." or it's fun and a good bargain." or any number of other choices that could be halfway between worshipping it and thinking it merely ok.

I already SAID that, and you chose to ignore it, didn't you?

[quote]But, hell yes the BINI is an expensieve vehicle. Upto $50,000 here for some models. Way to much for any car. You would be better of on getting a '60's cooper s and watch the value soar, as it currently is. BINI's will probably become too common, and they wont be worth a cracker in a few years. But, that is the way things go. So have fun ote]

Watching values soar is great if that's what you want out of a car. But what if you actually want to USE the car? A new, more comfortable car with a warranty is the better choice. I've lived with cars like the original Mini on a daily basis, as well as other British and italian sports cars from that era. Which is why my wife and I are looking ata new Mini for her as a daily driver. Funny thing is that the new Mustang GT is one of her other choices, and the price really isn't that different...

I find it hard to believe that you can know what BMWs are, be on the internet, looking for car forums, and NOT know what an M3 is.




posted by  ChrisV

Not true, that's a "display of power" or "display of speed" ticket and is just like speeding or laying down a patch. F'n ricers are ruining it for everybody.

posted by  Bino

Wow, you guys have some pretty gay laws down there....

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Hey, sorry to all,
i was just being a cockhead, umm ill shutup next time.
Umm yeah sorry,

posted by  CAMEL

Yeah, I recently picked up a turbo/AWD Eclipse and it's been hard to contain myself. Especially since I don't drive fast in general... I just like accelerating like crazy up to the speed limit. Fortuantely there was an open track day at the local road course two weeks after I bought the car... so now I just look forward to the next one of those.

posted by  Bino

Chris how long did that take you?

I am not bashing mustangs.


You must have been online for like 30 minutes to post your ridiculous long ass post.

posted by  Mchoi32

Quit projecting your retarded one finger typing abilities on others. if you actually had a clue, you'd STFU.

you have yet to post anything that shows you know a single f*cking thing about cars. Are you merey here to show to others hiow f*cking stupid you are? or is that just a happy by-product of your posting?

posted by  ChrisV

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