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I am about to purchase a 99 Jetta. I want to find more info about the engine and such online. It says GT on the back. I've been looking around for a 99 Jetta GT on search engines, but they cant seem to find it. Only GTI. Could someone help me out?

posted by  StylingPaT

Is that the one where they sold it w/a GT mountain bike? If not then it could be that the "i" fell

I've seen people rearrange or take off it's not impossible

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Possibly. I dont think the "I" fell off. Cuz it doesnt look like it.


I just searched 98 Jetta GT. And so much stuff came up. And pictures of the my exact car. So yeah. Its 98. My bad lol. Thats why nothing came up for 99, cuz there is no such thing. Hehe

posted by  StylingPaT

There was a Jetta GT. I'm not sure in your year. Basically it's a Jetta with some GTI features but not the engine.

posted by  rayo

Why would you want a Jetta for? Get a Saturn. Saturn's are faster,handle better,get better mpg (unless you get a TDI), and from what I've seen more reliable. And besides nearly all saturn drivetrain is the same so parts are cheap.

posted by  x1/9-rally

You really should not purchase a car if you dont even know the correct year!

posted by  Anti-Hero

I was gonna say the same thing myself lol

posted by  Cliffy

the internet would tell you what size the engine is and what you could do to it... :clap:

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Your best bet would be to check out That is where all the MKIII folks go!
I once owned a 97 GT, only difference is the seats, gauges, location on antenna, and a few little extras

posted by  volklover

And from above--

2 different GTi's - 2.0L 8V and a VR6 12V
Jetta GT- 2.0L 8V

They changed the body style in 99-00

posted by  volklover

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