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This seems to be a long standing debate between me and my friends. If you could afford it, which would you choose: a Mercedes 600 or 55AMG. They both have the same horsepower rating (493) and cost about the same. The only difference is that the AMG sports a supercharged V8 whereas the 600 has a dual-turbo'ed V12.

Personally, for me, it depends on the class. That is, I'd rather have the V8 paired with the SL55, but I would like the smoothness of the V12 in the S600. The CL can go either way. Just my opinions, at least.


posted by  TM875

and then we can add in the new CL/S 65 AMGs if we really want....i know that would be my S65. but out of ure two choices I would go 600, simply because of its smoothness.

posted by  SuperJew

id go with the 600... its just somethin about a v12 TT that i like

posted by  mazda6man

With that cash to spend...neither.

M5...a few hp less...less outta pocket cash...relative same performance...better styling...IMO

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hey guys, this is my first post here, anyways, personally, I'd go with the 12 cylinder 600 series, just for bragging rights


welcome nOOb. I think I would make the same choice, but I think I would never buy either anyways so I say Cadiilac 16! :twisted:

posted by  Satty101

too bad cadillac 16 isnt in go for a Bugatti Veyron if you wanted 16 cylinders. 1001 hp. :twisted:

posted by  SuperJew

where can i purchase a AC Schinitzer BMW Z4? if anyone can help.....

posted by  BigBadBrat

talk about de-railing a thread!

... s600 every day, i think that the body kit on the AMG mercedes are quite, well cheap and i like subtle preformance cues or an understated look, it is just cool to know that your car could waste an M5 or such while looking totally normal!

and a V12 bi-turbo, i mean come on, how many cars have that :heh:

posted by  Flying_Dane

And you're going to be here how long?

posted by  Satty101

well i am planning on staying here as long as i like, or until i get kicked from the forum :P

posted by  Flying_Dane

Woah, Ive gotten so used to seeing one-post wonders, I was shocked to see another post by you!

posted by  Satty101

well unlike most people, ive seen many, i dont think that there is any point in registering for a forum and then only posting once!

posted by  Flying_Dane

Me either! I think it makes much more sense to register for a forum and then NEVER post... Like about 75% of our members.

posted by  vwhobo

hehe, i like your thought train, more users, less traffic!


posted by  Flying_Dane

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