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Hey, I just got me a 2001 BMW 740i. I am in the process stripping it down. I'm gonna convert it to an M7. I know BMW never made an M7 but if they did, it would be like what I am doing. I found a company that makes bumpers using the M3 and M5 styling. I am putting the V-12 engine from the new 760Li and an SMG transmission. The rest, I am using the M series trim parts here and there.

Well, what I am getting to is my soundsystem. I want to use the Nav system from the M5 but I want nothing to do with the stock BMW speakers. I have some JL speakers, subs and amps on order. I also have a tight custom sub enclosure for the trunk. Is there a way that I can hook up my JL amps directly to the BMW headunit through RCA cables without going through the bull shit hastle of using converters from the BMW apm in the trunk?

posted by  screamnwheels

you must be a part of the "more-money-than-brains" club. all this must be costing a fortune! and you might have wanted to put this in Repairs and Maintenance....

but I suggest going to a Tweeter kind of place to ask them about the whole plug issue. they seem to know what theyre talking about, and can guite you with what you want (and possibly what ypu do not want)

posted by  SuperJew

And it'll become quite the subject for laughter when done...firstly because of the hideousness...secondly because of the expense and waste, and thirdly because it's akin to rice.

But please post pics as I'd like to post them in all my BMW forums as subject for laughs and gasps as in the case of the "Spring-Loaded 2002" in <this thread> (

posted by  BavarianWheels

I would be happy to post pictures as soon as it is finished, because presently it is in pieces all over my garage. I can post some pictures of other similar jobs if you would like to see that.

posted by  screamnwheels

anything rockford fosgate is good

posted by  Car Guy

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